Holidays in Indonesia in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Indonesia in September

Holidays in Indonesia in September

Holidays in Indonesia in September

The weather in September is rather dry and warm. What weather conditions can you expect?

  • The humidity level reaches 80%. However, this phenomenon is normal in Indonesia. Regardless of the season, the relative humidity is 70 - 90%.
  • In Bali, it can be + 31C during the day, + 23C at night. On the island of Batam, the air temperature ranges from + 23C to + 28C. Jakarta has maximum temperatures, namely + 26 ... 33C.
  • The conditions for swimming can be called ideal, because the water warms up to + 27 ... 28C.
  • In September, the low tide begins in Indonesia, so the beginning of autumn cannot be called the best period for diving, surfing.
  • In September, there are no typhoons and storms in Indonesia, thanks to which the state is included in the number of safe resort areas.

Without a doubt, such weather conditions can be called ideal for relaxation..

Holidays and festivals in Indonesia in September

Holidays in Indonesia in September can be interesting and eventful thanks to festivals and other interesting events. So what activities are ready to attract tourists?

In mid-September, the Island of Java hosts the Coffee Festival, which was first held in 2012. The main theme changes every year. Everyone can taste different types of coffee, visit coffee plantations, take part in master classes organized by the barista. Indonesia exports $ 1.2 billion of coffee beans annually. You should take the opportunity to taste delicious Indonesian coffee!

Bali has different events in September, each one special. In Negara, the traditional mekepung bull races are held, in Sanur - the Sanur Village Festival, dedicated to art, environmental education, culture, and culinary traditions. In Ubud, you can visit one of the most unusual international festivals, namely the International Bali Meditators' Festival, dedicated to meditation.

Take the opportunity to visit Indonesia in September, because at this time of the year you can enjoy excursions, beach holidays, exciting cultural activities. Such a pastime cannot be forgotten, September can be considered one of the best months for a vacation in Indonesia.!

Holidays in Indonesia

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  • Holidays in Indonesia in September
  • Holidays in Indonesia in September