Rivers of Ireland - photo, list, description

Rivers of Ireland

Rivers of Ireland

The rivers of Ireland form a dense network, periodically interspersed with lakes and marshes. All of them are full of water and are never covered with ice..

Shannon River

Shannon holds the title of longest Irish river. The length of the current is 368 kilometers. The riverbed is a natural border separating the province of Connacht (Western Ireland) from the eastern and southern parts.

Shannon has its source in County Cavan (Lake Shannon Pot). Initially, the river bed follows a southerly direction, but at the end of the path it turns west and flows into the Atlantic waters, forming an estuary 113 kilometers long. On its way, the river passes eleven of the thirty-two counties in Ireland. Along the way, forming lakes - Lough Ree, Lough Derg and Lough Allen. The height at which the source of the river is located is small - only 17 meters above sea level. That is why the river is suitable for navigation. It has several locks that maintain the required water level..

Shannon will also be interesting for those who like to sit with a fishing rod. Salmon and pike are found here.

Barrow River

The river passes through the territory of Ireland and is the second longest - the total length of Barrow is 192 kilometers. The source of the river is the Slive Bloom mountains (lands of the county of Liish). The main direction of the current is south. Barrow transits through Waterfod, then Kilkenny and Carlow to connect to the waters of the Celtic Sea.

Shur River

Another short river in the country - the total length of the channel is only 184 kilometers. The source of the river is located on the hillside of the Devil's Bit (Northern Tipperary County). From here, she briskly rushes south to the County Waterford border. Here Shur decides to turn east in order to connect with «girlfriends» Barow and Nor. And in this composition, they continue their flesh path to the place where it flows into the waters of the Celtic Lake..

The rivers Shur, Barrow and Nur are called by the locals «Three sisters». They form an estuary before confluence..

Blackwater River

The total length of the current is 168 kilometers. Traditionally, the source is in the mountains, but now it is McGillicuddis Ricks (lands of County Kerry). Initially, Blackwater makes his way eastward, bypassing Waterford and Cork. After that, the river makes a sharp turn and goes on a journey to the waters of the Celtic Sea (southern direction), flowing into it near the port of Yugal. The waters of the river were chosen as a habitat and spawning place for fish of the salmon family.

Slanei River

The source of the river is located in the southeastern part of the country on Mount Lugnaquilla (lands of County Wicklow). Slaney passes through three counties - Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford - and ends its short journey, mixing with the waters of the Irish Sea. Despite its short length, the river is crossed by thirty-two road bridges and one railway.


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