Capital of Israel: map, photo. What is the capital of Israel?

Jerusalem - the capital of Israel

Jerusalem - the capital of Israel

The capital of Israel is divided into two cities: Old and New. These are two completely unique parts, not in any way similar to each other. Old Jerusalem is like a colorful puzzle that connects shrines and sights. While the New City is a real piece of Tel Aviv, where mirrored office buildings, high-rise buildings and numerous malls and bars are located on noisy streets.

Wall of Tears

A sacred place for all Jews of the planet is the Wailing Wall. This half-kilometer building has stood here since ancient times, remaining from the Temple, erected by Herod the Great. Jews incessantly pray for the construction of the third Temple and the reunification of all their brethren.

Everyone prays at the Wall in their own way. This can be done while standing or sitting. Men must cover their heads with a kippah, which can be taken directly at the place of prayer. It is customary to leave small notes in the gaps between the stones. They say that all wishes come true..

The territory at the Western Wall is never empty, since prayers can be offered around the clock. It is very important: you cannot turn your back to the shrine, and when it comes time to leave, you need to do it facing the Wall. These are the centuries-old rules.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

One of the most important shrines of Christians around the world. Here was buried the crucified Jesus Christ, resurrected for 40 days.

The history of the Temple has more than two millennia. During this period, it was destroyed, underwent restructuring, and belonged to both Muslims and Christians. Today, the shrine is part of an architectural complex that includes Golgotha, a rotunda, an underground temple and other structures..

The territory inside the Temple has a clear division between all six confessions. But its doors are daily unlocked by members of a Muslim family that received the right to do so many centuries ago..

On Easter, here you can witness the descent of the Holy Fire, which has been lighting up independently for many centuries. Millions of pilgrims flock here every year to pray and worship the holy place.

Anointing stone

The shrine is located in front of the entrance to the Temple and is also listed in the list of major places of worship. If you believe the legend, then on the stone was laid the body taken from the cross of Jesus. Here the body was anointed with incense (hence the name of the stone).

Pilgrims, when visiting the Temple, put things on the stone that they wish to bless. These are crosses, images, candles. To do this in a relaxed atmosphere, it is best to come to the stone early in the morning. During the day, squeezing through the crowd of believers is very problematic..

Jerusalem (Israel)


  • Jerusalem - the capital of Israel
  • Jerusalem - the capital of Israel
  • Jerusalem - the capital of Israel