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Independent travel to Jerusalem

Independent travel to Jerusalem

A sacred city for representatives of various faiths, Jerusalem has been a place of pilgrimage to numerous religious shrines for many years. Here you can wander around the Old City for hours looking for holy stones and walls, enjoy the coolness of temples and write your cherished desires on pieces of paper that the Western Wall accepts with dumb grandeur, without promising anything, but fulfilling everything...

When to go to Jerusalem?

The hot summer months are not very favorable for long excursions - the heat can reach 30-40 degrees during the daytime. The most favorable time to visit Jerusalem is spring and autumn, when the thermometer calms down at around +25, and at night it becomes completely cool and especially comfortable even in hotels without air conditioning.

How to get to Jerusalem?

Air communication with Israel from Moscow is perfect: Russian and Israeli airlines make several direct flights a week. The final destination is Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, from which the easiest way to get to Jerusalem is by train or bus. Travel time is about an hour, and the picturesque views from the window will brighten up the route and make it a pleasant part of the trip..

Housing issue

Inexpensive star hotels in Jerusalem are not the only way to stay in the ancient city. Its old part is full of budget hotels without stars, but with good conditions for a comfortable stay and, importantly, quite a democratic price tag. Do not be afraid of Muslim quarters: the attitude towards Russian citizens there is traditionally benevolent and welcoming.

Argue about tastes

Food in Jerusalem is a song that is hard to get out of words. Here, Arab and European traditions are mixed, and therefore every restaurant or street cafe offers such a varied menu that it can be very difficult to make a choice. A great way to grab a bite to eat is to buy local fast food from street vendors. There is no need to be afraid: Jerusalem fast food is not only tasty, but also of high quality. Each merchant values ​​his reputation and the years that his family members have been doing their business on the city streets..

Informative and fun

Probably, only the lazy does not know about the sights of Jerusalem. And yet, the main thing that Russian travelers are striving to do here is to walk the Via Dolorosa path and visit the great Christian shrine - the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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