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Tours to Tel Aviv

Tours to Tel Aviv

Some people mistakenly believe that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, because it is here that the international airport and even the country's defense ministry are located. Yet Jerusalem is still the capital, and the city on the Mediterranean coast is only an important transport hub and economic center. For those who book tours to Tel Aviv, it is worth knowing some of the features of the climate and customs of the local residents, so that the business trip or vacation will go in the best possible way, leaving fond memories of the trip..

History with geography

Tel Aviv is located almost in the middle of the Mediterranean coast of Israel. It began to be built as part of ancient Jaffa, which is one of the oldest cities on Earth. In the port of Jaffa, ships arrived with pilgrims seeking to get to the Jerusalem shrines, and the new Jewish suburb served as a staging post on their difficult journey..
"Hill of Spring" means Tel Aviv in Hebrew, and today not only thousands of pilgrims but also young people who prefer active rest by the sea come here. The city is called the capital of the Mediterranean buzz, and in its architectural and entertainment motives not only Ibiza and Nice, but even Casablanca and Manhattan are guessed.

Briefly about the important

  • The Mediterranean Sea dictates the weather here, and participants on tours to Tel Aviv can count on warm but rainy winters, hot springs and long summers. May breaks heat records, when guests of the city consistently observe +45 degrees in the shade on city thermometers. Most of the rain falls between December and March, and the best time to travel is April or October.
  • Direct flights from the capital of Russia are carried out by several airlines, and the international airport is located just 10 kilometers from the center of the Israeli economic capital.
  • Getting around the city is easier and cheaper by using Dan buses or minibuses. The buses running in the center are quite capable of replacing sightseeing buses, because they make stops in all the most touristy areas of Tel Aviv..
  • Hotels in Israel are not too cheap in principle, and therefore rest during a tour in Tel Aviv can cost a pretty penny. If you book a hotel in the suburbs of Ramat Gan or Holon, you will be able to significantly save.
  • In the suburbs of Jaffa, there are the most authentic restaurants, where you can taste all the Israeli specialties. Good hummus is offered by beach cafes in Tel Aviv itself, and an inexpensive snack is safe and pleasant at street fast food..

Tel Aviv (Israel)


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