Season in Israel. When is the holiday season in Israel?

Season in Israel

Season in Israel

The holiday season in Israel is year-round: climatic and geographical features contribute to this (the country has coastal zones, 4 seas, mountains, lowlands).

Tourist season in Israel

  • Spring: if your goal is a beach holiday, then in March you can visit the resorts of the Red Sea (water temperature - +20 degrees). In general, spring is ideal for excursions to cities, theaters and museums, walks in parks.
  • Summer: in summer, the air can be heated up to +40 degrees and higher, therefore, it is better to spend the summer months on the sea coasts.
  • Autumn: in autumn, as well as in spring, favorable conditions are created in the country for excursion, educational, medical, tours to holy and historical places. You should not go to the country in November - at this time the rainy season begins.
  • Winter: there is no frost in the country in winter, but it can rain. Snowboard and ski lovers can visit the northern part of the country in December-February - there is a ski resort on Mount Hermon.

Beach season in Israel

The beach season in the country opens in April, but it all depends on which sea you are going to relax on..

It is better to come to the Mediterranean resorts in the summer (the season lasts until the end of September), but it is worth considering that in June-July jellyfish can overshadow the rest here. The best Mediterranean beaches are Tsuk-Tsafan, Gelei Gil, Herzel, Nordau.

On the Red Sea, it is worth taking a closer look at Eilat, famous for such beaches as Dolphin Beach (it is located in the park “Dolphin Reef”) and North Beach (white sand). Resting on the Red Sea is best in April-May and September-October, although in winter the water temperature here is above +20 degrees.

You can relax at the Dead Sea all year round, but if your goal is to improve your health, then it is better to come here in spring or autumn, since it is very hot in summer and the water warms up to +35 degrees. The best beach in the Dead Sea - “Ein Bokek” (successful descent into the water).

Popular beaches of the Sea of ​​Galilee (Lake Kinneret) are Kiner, Duga, Ekev. Here, in addition to beach recreation, water activities are available (there are 3 water parks).

For families with children, it is advisable to opt for the resort cities of Netanya and Bat Yam - they are famous for their sandy beaches (you should pay attention to the beach “Stone” - thanks to the installed breakwater, it is safe for children to swim here).


You can go diving in Israel all year round: of particular interest is the Red Sea in the Eilat region (visibility - 40 m). Here you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins (Dolphin Reef), see an 8-meter sheer coral wall (Japenese Gardens), swim through underwater caves and see warships and coral thickets at the bottom (The Caves).

Pilgrimage, treatment, sightseeing, active and beach activities. All this awaits you on your vacation in Israel.


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