Taxi in Italy - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Italy

Taxi in Italy

Taxi in Italy

Taxis in Italy are considered one of the most expensive in Europe. Unfortunately, in some cases you cannot do without it, so tourists spend rather big sums for one trip..

Private carriage and licensed firms

There are many licensed taxi services that keep reliable ones in their fleet; modern; practical machines. It is worth saying that the interior and appearance of cars are strictly monitored, so you won't have to see the mess inside..

In addition to licensed organizations in Italy, as in many countries, private cabbies are active, who will certainly take the opportunity to take as much money from a tourist as possible. It is up to everyone to choose such a cab or not. Local business phone numbers: Rome 347-825-74-40, Florence 055-41-01-33, Milan 346-691-75-45.

At one time, the authorities tried to change the situation so as not to jeopardize the tourism sector in the country, therefore, fixed amounts for travel were introduced. But, alas, such measures could not completely eradicate the phenomenon and only slightly improved the situation..

Language problems

None of the drivers specifically learns Russian, so you will somehow have to negotiate with the driver. It will be very lucky if a Russian-speaking driver comes across. The people here are very friendly, so they will gladly give advice, tell you what is located and where, and they can even make a discount for travel. If you want, you can take the phone from the driver, and he will accompany you throughout the vacation..

The official taxi service can be recognized by the color of the vehicle. In their park, as a rule, there are always white or yellow cars with checkers on their bodies, and a number and a plate on the side door. Also, such drivers must have a meter installed. Sometimes you can order a taxi and talk to the driver in English, but this is not everywhere. In this regard, it is best to write on paper where you need to go. Fortunately, inside each licensed taxi there is a sign in a different language that shows the fare..

Dangers of private cabbies

Tourists should be aware that if you apply for a service from a private driver, you will receive a fine of 500-800 euros. Moreover, you can only get to some areas of the city with a taxi driver, the road will not take much time, because there are separate roads for them, on which there are no traffic jams..


Boarding and travel for the first three kilometers will cost a tourist 3 euros, and for each next kilometer you will need to pay 50 cents. But calling a car by phone will cost another 1.5 euros. If you have luggage, the cost of its transportation is 1 euro.

A night trip is more expensive here. A thirty percent mark-up is added to the daily amount for the same distance. You will also have to pay for idle traffic, but single women can get a good discount of 10%.

It is worth remembering that some tourists have additional benefits, you need to remind the driver of this, as well as demand a quote for additional services from him. It is better to always have small money in your pocket, because drivers often say that they do not have a change.

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