Trip to Italy

Trip to Italy

Trip to Italy

A trip to Italy can be the most interesting and exciting journey as there is really a lot to see in the country..

Public transport of the country

The choice of means of transportation in large cities is quite extensive. These are subway lines, trams, trolleybuses, buses and commuter trains. In order not to get confused in the numerous routes, be sure to buy a special card. You can buy it at gas stations, train stations, print kiosks.

When traveling, it is most convenient to travel with a special tourist ticket. It gives you the right to travel on any type of public transport throughout the day..

Taxis are popular with tourists. Catching a car can be very simple. But it is not recommended to use the services of private cabs, since the cost of the trip is always overpriced. Licensed taxis are certainly equipped with meters and have a means of communication with the dispatcher.

Italians are committed to a healthy lifestyle and are passionately fighting for the clean air of their cities. That is why in any large city you can easily find a bike rental office. Rental fees are truly symbolic.

In addition to a bicycle, you can also rent a scooter or moped. Special rule: riding without a helmet is strictly prohibited.

Intercity communication

It is comfortable to travel between the cities of the country by train. It is very convenient to buy tickets directly at the station itself at special automatic ticket offices. At the same time, when ordering a ticket, you can choose your seat.

High-speed trains - "Red Arrow" and "Silver Arrow" - are the most expensive, but they are also the fastest. If you plan to change trains, it is better to choose trains of the "regionale" category. They are similar to our commuter trains and also carry huge numbers of people and have no toilet. The only positive point is the low cost of travel.

Night trips are very inexpensive. In this case, you will receive a ticket with a seating compartment for 6 people.

Traveling by car

This is not a very good option, because in big cities there are always problems with parking spaces, and you have to pay for travel on highways. In addition, gasoline prices are quite high..

The center of some cities in the country is closed for entry by car if the owner does not have the necessary permission.

But if you are planning to have a rest in Sicily, then the rented car will come in handy at the most opportune time to travel along the mountain roads and call on the "wild" and completely deserted beaches.

To rent a car, you must have an international driver's license, age over 25 and the required amount of cash.


  • Trip to Italy
  • Trip to Italy