Holidays in Italy in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Italy in February

Holidays in Italy in February

Holidays in Italy in February

Holidays in European countries are incredibly exciting and entertaining even on winter days. However, special attention of numerous tourists is attracted by holidays in Italy in February. Many closed parks offering a variety of attractions and water parks, several enchanting carnivals and entertaining festivals, unique educational excursion tours that allow you to see with your own eyes the most famous sights of Europe - what winter holidays in this hospitable country give.

However, many tourists can rightly say that they can do all this in the summer. Meanwhile, it is February that will allow travelers to relax freely, calmly, without the traditional crowd, noise, bustle and din..

What is remarkable about a holiday in Italy in February

The most popular Italian resort destinations in February include all ski areas, among which it is impossible not to single out:

  • Cervinia;
  • Dolomites;
  • Courmayeur;
  • Lombardy;
  • Val d'Aosta.

As for the peculiarities of the February Italian holiday in mountain regions, for skiers this month is usually called the velvet period. Here you can really relax, freely and fully and enjoy skiing to your heart's content. Ski areas are becoming comfortable for both professionals and amateurs of all winter sports. It is not surprising that a huge number of travelers in February choose resorts in this particular country..

What is the weather in Italy in February

In February, the weather in Italy will be as severe as possible. The temperature level is quite low. At the same time, it fluctuates very strongly. In some regions, the temperature rises up to 20 degrees during the day. Other areas boast temperatures around 7 degrees Celsius. However, at the end of the month, the weather conditions in Italy will be many times more comfortable and milder. Subtle, subtle spring notes in the last days of February become bright and quite distinct, foreshadowing close warmth.

Photos of holidays in Italy

  • Holidays in Italy in February
  • Holidays in Italy in February