Best restaurants in Bishkek - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Bishkek

Best restaurants in Bishkek

Legends of oriental bounty instantly turn into reality for any traveler. In this regard, Kyrgyzstan is no different from its closest neighbors, the best restaurants in Bishkek, teahouses in distant mountain villages demonstrate all the richness of the national cuisine and the ability to cook your favorite dishes, traditional for other parts of the planet..

You can sing hymns to local great chefs and simple housewives setting huge tables for guests from the west. And at the end of the meal, they will definitely offer an unusually tasty tea, and for those who wish - a hookah.

Who's new?

A restaurant «Chaykhonaresto» opened recently. Despite the short period of activity, he managed to gain popularity among local residents and guests. The name hints at fidelity to traditions, the interiors are decorated in oriental style, decorated with colorful carpets and works of artisans. Many accessories, clay or wood figurines create the atmosphere of an old, somewhat mysterious teahouse.

The chefs demonstrate modern approaches to cuisine, and therefore the menu includes both Eastern and Western cuisines. Given the increasing passion for travel of the Chinese and Japanese, and the increasing number of tourists from these countries in Bishkek, «Chaykhonaresto» mastered their traditional dishes.

The zest of the establishment is many varieties of tea, including barberry tea, which is practically unknown to the European gourmet. Naturally, national motives are often heard in this restaurant, musicians use traditional instruments, for example, dombra.

Museum or restaurant?

Both the one and the other combined the ethnographic complex «Supara», whose task is to show the peculiarities of culture and everyday life of the ancient Kyrgyz people. One of the ways to get to know the country and its history - through old recipes and dishes - is very popular with visitors.

It is located almost within the city limits, and yet allows you to enjoy the silence and solitude. A tourist can choose a stone house or go to a yurt, hospitable host staff will be waiting for him anywhere. «Supara» translates as a leather tablecloth (table), traditional for nomadic peoples, a symbol of wealth and hospitality.

Try «Lamb»

Such a delicious name of the restaurant speaks for itself. Local chefs specialize in Asian meat cuisine. This means that the menu contains the most popular lamb dishes: barbecue, which is presented in 20 variations; various steaks. In addition to national meat dishes, European dishes, familiar to most tourists, as well as delicious desserts are prepared here..


  • Best restaurants in Bishkek
  • Best restaurants in Bishkek
  • Best restaurants in Bishkek