Prices in Bishkek - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Bishkek

Prices in Bishkek

Prices in Bishkek

Bishkek traditionally plays the role of a transshipment center. It is to this city that people come who want to get acquainted with the sights of Kyrgyzstan. There are no bright sights in Bishkek, but it is worth staying in it for a couple of days to get acquainted with the customs of local residents. Consider the prices in Bishkek for basic services for tourists.

What money is in Bishkek

The local currency is the som (S, KGS). There are 100 tyiyin in 1 som. Changing money in the city is not a problem. But in the vicinity of Bishkek, the cost of the ruble will be lower than in its center. Rubles and dollars are accepted for payment in many retail outlets, but the rate is greatly underestimated. The traveler is primarily interested in such aspects as food, transport, mobile communications and accommodation. Everything is cheap in Bishkek, despite the fact that prices there are gradually rising. If you do not contact travel agencies, then you will not spend so much money. You can rent a room for $ 10, eat for $ 1-2 per meal. You can get from Bishkek to Karakol by bus for 150 rubles.

Bishkek hotels

Hotels in the city offer accommodation in rooms from 1200 soms (about 840 rubles). Cheaper rooms can also be found in Bishkek. Hotels of any class provide bright and spacious rooms. In any hotel in Bishkek, guests are welcomed. Some hotels settle tourists in yurts, arrange national performances and cook beshbarmak. Arriving in Kyrgyzstan, you can easily find a budget hostel-type hotel or a hotel with 4-5 *. There is a railway station in the very center of Bishkek. There, travelers can take a shower for 50 som. There is a small hostel at the station, where places for rest and sleep are provided (150 som per day for 1 bed). If you are interested in prestigious housing, pay attention to the MARYOTEL hotel, which is located in the eastern part of the city. Single room rate is $ 125.

Bishkek Restaurants

In the Kyrgyz capital, there are a lot of establishments of national, Russian, Asian and other cuisines. Cheap food is offered at fast food outlets. There you can taste a Kyrgyz hamburger worth 20 KGS. Fast food types such as kebab and samsa are popular in Bishkek. The city has restaurants offering French and Italian cuisine. For traditional Kyrgyz food, visit a cafe «Maze», where good beshbarmak is prepared. Hare dishes are offered in a cafe «Mazay». You can listen to live music and try chicken kebab in a cafe «Astana». Fine and expensive meals are served at the luxurious Four Seasons Restaurant. Inexpensive food is offered in canteens and cafes. Lunch for two costs 150 soms. The cheapest option is to buy groceries and cook with your own hands. It is better to buy food on the market. In supermarkets in Bishkek, food is more expensive and often expired.


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