Holidays in Latvia in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Latvia in September

Holidays in Latvia in September

Holidays in Latvia in September

Autumn comes in September in Latvia, and therefore the weather conditions are gradually deteriorating. Average temperatures are + 18C during the day and + 11C at night. Despite this, the temperature can rise to +20 - 23 degrees during the day, and drop below +6 degrees at night..

Most of the days of the month are sunny, so you can enjoy walks. However, you should prepare for cloudy, cloudy days as well. September usually has about 58 millimeters of rainfall, making it one of the rainiest of the year..
Long daylight hours, namely seven hours, allows you to enjoy a rich pastime.

Holidays and festivals in Latvia in September

Are you planning a vacation in Latvia in September and are wondering if your leisure time can be eventful? So, in the first month of autumn there are various holidays..

  • On the 22nd, it is customary in Latvia to celebrate the Baltic Day of Unity. This date is a reminder of the heroic past and the liberation of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia. Despite the fact that the holiday is not a state holiday, it includes various events that deserve special attention. On September 22, museum expositions dedicated to various topics, photo exhibitions, actions, reconstructions of historical events are traditionally held.
  • On the twenty-ninth, it is customary in Latvia to celebrate Mikkel's Day, which symbolizes the end of summer-autumn work. Bazaars and trade fairs are traditionally held on this day. For example, fresh apples with surprisingly pleasant taste are brought to Riga from all cities of Latvia. At the fairs, you can not only enjoy shopping, but also see performances by talented musical groups.
  • In September 2014, the Puppet Festival was held for the first time in Riga, the capital of Latvia. All guests could see illustrations for new books, sculptures, papier-mâché products, porcelain, clay, plastic, wooden and metal dolls. The Festival presents unique collections of teddy bears, which are so loved by both adults and children, as well as unusual old dolls. The Puppet Festival is a chance to feel a real fairy tale.

Spend time in Latvia in an interesting way, because in September there are all the possibilities for this!

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  • Holidays in Latvia in September
  • Holidays in Latvia in September