Water parks in Ventspils - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Ventspils

Water parks in Ventspils

Travelers who are planning to spend their holidays in Ventspils, especially with children, should definitely visit the local water park (the entrance is decorated with fish - a flower arrangement), located in the open air (operates from May to September).

Aquapark in Ventspils

Aquapark “Ventspils” pleases visitors:

  • 3 pools with heated water (the water is heated up to + 24˚ C) and artificial waves;
  • “A stormy river” (descent in a seething stream of water), a slide “Free fall”, 8 and 10 meter towers with “Turbo”, family and standard roller coasters;
  • children's area with water cascades and mushrooms from which water flows, and water attractions “Frog”, “Boat”, “Octopus”;
  • SPA area with sauna, salt room and jacuzzi;
  • sunbathing area “Alpine sun”;
  • inventory rental point;
  • Cafe “Lily”.

In addition, entertainment events are regularly organized here, in particular, musical ones. Cost of stay in “Ventspils” very attractive - adults are charged 6 euros / 1.5 hours, and children (up to 12 years old) - 4.5 euros / 1.5 hours (over this time, you will have to pay 1 euro for each minute). As for the rental of towels, an individual safe, a ball, swimming equipment, each service will cost 1 euro.

Water activities in Ventspils

Is your goal to live during your vacation in Ventspils in a hotel with a swimming pool? It makes sense for you to book a room, for example, in a hotel “Dzintarjura”.

Going to the city beach areas, you will find sun loungers and umbrellas, gymnastics equipment, swing benches, volleyball and basketball courts, changing booths, and you can also do water sports (windsurfing is held in high esteem, since calm here is a rarity, almost always there are waves). As for vacationers with children, they should be careful, because as soon as they move away from the coast, the sea immediately gains depth.

Guests of Ventspils will be offered to go on a boat excursion “Duke Jacob” (accommodates 150 passengers) - they will be able to explore the city and port, sailing along the mouth of the Venta River.

And vacationers in Ventspils will have a great opportunity to go to Lake Bushnieku - here is a real paradise for surfers (bridges are equipped), lovers of cycling (routes have been developed and there are convenient bike paths) and fishermen. On the lake you can swim and organize a picnic (equipped places are available), rent a boat at the boat station to ride around the Tower.

In addition, for the sake of recreation, fishing and sailing, you can go to Lake Usma.


  • Water parks in Ventspils
  • Water parks in Ventspils
  • Water parks in Ventspils