Liepaja Zoo - photo, price, opening hours. How to get to the zoo in Liepaja

Zoo in Liepaja

Zoo in Liepaja

On the highway leading from the capital of Latvia to Liepaja, there is an interesting tourist attraction where children are always especially welcome guests. There is no zoo in the city of Liepaja, and therefore the closest one to it, located in Kalven parish, is sometimes called Liepaja.
It was opened as a branch of the Riga Zoo, and on 130 hectares more than a hundred representatives of 40 species of wild animals and 12 species - domestic.

Kalvensky zoo "Ciruli"

The history of the zoo in Liepaja, whose name - "Ciruli" - is more familiar to local residents, began in 1993. Then the administration of the Riga Zoo was able to buy land here in order to place their pride - the Kiang population. These equid families are the brightest representatives of the animal world of Tibet..

Pride and achievement

Zoo workers in Liepaja are proud of their programs to preserve and restore the population of not only kiangs, but also mammals such as wolves, wolverines and lynxes. Elk and brown bears, vultures and eagle owls, Finnish reindeer and Latvian blue cows are snug in spacious enclosures..
The territory of the park is very neat and well-groomed. There are special corners for the smallest visitors - swings, playgrounds and a mini-zoo where you can stroke a goat or a rabbit..
For older children and adult visitors, colorfully decorated information stands near each enclosure are of undoubted interest. They contain useful information about animals, their habits and habits with pictures, diagrams and interesting statistics. Stands are made in several languages, including Russian.

How to get there?

The exact address of the zoo is the 186th kilometer of the Riga-Liepaja highway. The following information must be entered into the car navigator - Aizputes novads, Kalvenes pagasts, Ciruli, LV-3442.

Helpful information

Opening hours of the Liepaja zoo depend on the season:

  • During the summer period from April 1 to October 31, it is open from 10.00 to 18.00.
  • In other months, the zoo can be visited from 10.00 to 16.00.

The ticket price is 4 euros for everyone. Cash desks accept cash and bank cards.
Visitors can do amateur video and photo shooting without restrictions.

Services and contacts

On the territory of the Liepaja Zoo, you can dine in a cozy cafe, the menu of which also includes traditional dishes of the Baltic cuisine. The dining room is located in an old stone tower with an observation deck. The gift shop offers a wide range of memorable gifts for friends and acquaintances with the branding of the zoo.

There is no official website, but some details of the work and information about the services provided are available on travel portals about Latvia.

Zoo employees are ready to answer all questions of visitors by phone +371 2938 69 63.

Photos of the zoo in Liepaja

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