The best restaurants in Vilnius - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Vilnius

The best restaurants in Vilnius

The most popular dish in the Lithuanian capital, and in all cities and towns, is zeppelins, potato pies with meat filling. This dish, in fact, appeared not so long ago, but many tourists have the feeling that they have always prepared it here. The best restaurants in Vilnius cannot do without it, so it will be mandatory on the menu, with different fillings and sauces..

Not only zeppelins

Going on a gastronomic tour of Lithuania and its capital, a tourist should be ready not only for grated potato dishes. The national cuisine uses simple products and uncomplicated recipes. At the same time, local chefs, with the help of small secrets, turn them into real culinary masterpieces, which are not ashamed to be served at the royal table..

In addition to the most popular zeppelins, the menu will definitely include cold beetroot soup. It is interesting that boiled potatoes are supposed to be added to the refrigerator, but it must be hot and served on a separate plate. Also popular in restaurants are potato sausage, potato casserole and, in general, this product, borrowed from the American Indians, is found in every second Lithuanian dish..

I eat, I speak, I listen

In childhood, many were taught to eat at the table and not talk. There is an amazing restaurant in modern Vilnius «Šnekutis», whose name translates as «Chatterbox». Those who decided to create such an establishment know very well how important a good company is during a meal. There are always a lot of people, locals and guests of Vilnius, who are surprised by the very simple interior, reminiscent of a village house with underground elements. The most important thing is that they cook here with love, and the same zeppelins, and sausages, and delicious ice-cold beer.

Visiting the Count

Another restaurant with national cuisine is Graf Zeppelin. From the name it is clear exactly who occupies the main positions in the menu. It is known that the shape of the famous Lithuanian pies resembles the invention of Count Zeppelin, and the name is also in honor of him..

Therefore, the appearance of a restaurant with this name did not surprise anyone in the capital. But the homely atmosphere is pleasantly surprising, in this restaurant you can dine with your family or have dinner with friends, listen to soft music and really take a break from the bustle of the city..

So, the trip to Lithuania promises to be extremely interesting. Old Vilnius will surprise the guest with an abundance of churches, churches, old buildings. After sightseeing, it's nice to sit at a table in a street cafe or go to one of the restaurants, order a couple of zeppelin and reflect on the meaning of life and what you saw.


  • The best restaurants in Vilnius
  • The best restaurants in Vilnius
  • The best restaurants in Vilnius