Lithuanian culture: traditions, features

Lithuanian culture

Lithuanian culture

Despite all the historical and political turmoil that shook Lithuania throughout its history, the country was able to form and preserve unique traditions and customs, which thousands of inquisitive travelers strive to get to know every year. Lithuanian culture is the widest range of concepts: music, cuisine, architectural monuments, and simply the character of Lithuanians - solid, sedate, responsible and very hospitable people..

Land of Songs

It is not for nothing that Lithuania is called the land of songs, because its inhabitants are very musical. Each small town or village has its own choir or folk ensemble, which not only performs in front of fellow villagers, but also successfully participates in musical events of neighbors and even in international competitions. By the way, about international cultural ties: in April, Kaunas regularly hosts a jazz festival, which is attended by stars of the very first magnitude from their planet. The blues festival in Klaipeda delivers no less pleasure to the audience.
The May Street Music Festival traditionally takes place on one weekend. Musicians who prefer direct contact with the audience come to the city open-air venues. The program includes both folk and classical music.

City from a postcard

The old center of Vilnius is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of the capital is also a part of the culture of Lithuania, carefully preserved by its inhabitants for future generations. Here are concentrated buildings belonging to a wide variety of architectural styles - Classicism and Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau..
The center of Vilnius is like a living guide, telling about the past and present of one of the most beautiful Baltic cities. At different times, Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals and museums, cozy hotels and shops were built here. In the old town, you can buy original souvenirs and gifts for loved ones and take the best photos for a family album in memory of the trip..

Folk art

The culture of Lithuania is also its folk art, the traditions of which have been carefully preserved by the inhabitants of the country for centuries. Local craftsmen have achieved great success in pottery, making jewelry with amber and mother-of-pearl, woodworking. Lithuanian women have long been famous for their hand-woven and embroidered linen products. At fairs held in Lithuanian cities, you can buy napkins and tablecloths, shirts and aprons, towels and bedspreads.
Midsummer's Day is especially widely celebrated in Lithuania, when festivities are held throughout the country, and local craftsmen present their creations to the public..


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  • Lithuanian culture
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