Holidays in Lithuania in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Lithuania in July

Holidays in Lithuania in July

Holidays in Lithuania in July

The crown of summer pleases every guest of the Republic of Lithuania with dry sunny weather, a fairly comfortable temperature regime, a rich excursion program and all the entertainment and fun inherent in a beach holiday on the Baltic coast.

Undoubtedly, a vacation in Lithuania in July will be to the liking of married couples looking for romance, young parents who want to provide a quality pastime for the family without a tiring flight and dramatic climate change..

Lithuanian Baden-Baden

Lithuania has long been famous for its balneological resorts, high level of service, an extensive list of medical procedures and relatively affordable prices..

Druskininkai is considered one of the best Lithuanian resorts. Its healing springs and therapeutic mud brought fame, which is why tourists compare this resort with the famous Swiss twinned city. In terms of the quality of treatment, Druskininkai is in no way inferior to Baden-Baden, in terms of cost - an order of magnitude lower.

In addition to the actual treatment, Druskininkai is good for walking, has its own water park and a huge bath complex, which can acquaint you with the world traditions of this important business..

Mindaugas holiday

On July 6, the whole of Lithuania celebrates the Day of Statehood in a single impulse. In whatever city a tourist finds himself, he immediately has a wonderful opportunity to take part in festive events. This important day for every Lithuanian is rooted in deep history. The main events are related to the coronation of the Grand Duke Mindaugas.

The modern holiday begins with a solemn raising of the flag and mass in the Vilnius Cathedral, and then spreads through the streets and squares, large cities and small villages. Fairs, concerts, festivities have no end.

Travel to Palanga

July, like no other month, is suitable for a vacation in Palanga. This resort occupies the first lines in various Lithuanian tourist ratings, attracting tourists from Germany, France, England and the nearest neighboring countries..

An endless strip of beaches, relatively warm weather, without any significant temperature fluctuations. In addition to relaxing at sea, there are opportunities to improve your health in sanatoriums, clinics or spa centers. Outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling are suitable for fidget tourists. The huge Palanga Botanical Garden and restaurants of national cuisine attract elderly tourists, discos, bars and dance halls will appeal to the young.

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  • Holidays in Lithuania in July
  • Holidays in Lithuania in July