Coat of arms of Macedonia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Macedonia

Coat of arms of Macedonia

The coat of arms of Macedonia has a long history that dates back to the Middle Ages. However, the modern look of this coat of arms appeared not so long ago - only in 1947. Until that time, the lion on the shield was not the main emblem of this country. Then, there was a period when the Macedonians had to forget about their own coat of arms, as they became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. They remembered their coat of arms only after World War II, when they became part of Yugoslavia as a separate federal land. At the same time, a new Macedonian coat of arms appeared..

Mount Korab

The main emblem of the Republic of Macedonia has a rounded (oval) shape. The central element of the coat of arms is a yellow sun rising over the mountain with thin rays. This symbol can be associated with sunny Macedonia, since one of the main treasures of the republic remains its recreational opportunities, the tourism industry.

The mountain over which the rising sun can be seen is Korab, the highest point in the country. This mountain is located on the border of Macedonia with Albania, between the valleys of the Black Drin and Radika rivers. The slopes of this mountain are rich in glacial lakes. This fact is displayed on the coat of arms in the form of a body of water located in front of the mountain..

Other important elements

The modern coat of arms of Macedonia is devoid of any elements connecting this emblem with the history of the country. However, the emblem depicts the main elements that reflect the main agricultural wealth of Macedonia: wheat; poppy; cotton; tobacco.

Wheat stalks, poppy shoots, tobacco leaves and cotton are depicted along the edge of the coat of arms and frame it on both sides. At the bottom of the emblem, you can see a red ribbon with a national ornament..

The legacy of the socialist era

The Republic of Macedonia gained independence during the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991. Then the question arose about changing the main symbols of the country. Many options for a new coat of arms were proposed. Many wanted to return to the old symbolism with a lion, and other proposals only slightly changed the appearance of the existing socialist coat of arms, inherited by the young state from the era of its stay within Yugoslavia. As a result, the old socialist coat of arms was left, in the design of which it was decided not to make changes. Today, the Republic of Macedonia remains the only post-socialist state that has preserved the emblem of the socialist period in symbolism..

Only in recent years has a small change been made to this coat of arms. The old coat of arms was decorated with a five-pointed star, which was located at the top of the emblem. In the modern version of the coat of arms of Macedonia, this star no longer exists..


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