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Traditional Macedonian cuisine

Traditional Macedonian cuisine

Food in Macedonia is characterized by the fact that in local establishments you can have lunch and dinner at very attractive prices (food prices here are among the lowest in Europe).

Food in Macedonia

The Macedonian cuisine was influenced by Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian culinary traditions. The diet of the Macedonians consists of meat, vegetables, legumes, rice, fish, spices..

In Macedonia, you should taste the beans fried in a pan (gravce na tavce); Ohrid trout; minced fried meat; puff pies with cheese, meat and other fillings (bureks); potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants with meat layers (moussaka); baked and stewed sweet pepper salad with beans and eggplant (aivar); Macedonian cabbage rolls (sarma); meatballs (keftinya); meat stew (rural meso); vegetable stew (zarzavat); trout with prunes, sprinkled with vegetable oil sauce with garlic, herbs and beaten eggs (pastrmka); hot soup based on bread kvass (chorba); pork or beef sausages with onions and spices (chebapi); stew with rice (dzhevyuch); dried ham (prosciutto).

Those with a sweet tooth should enjoy various jams, baklava, rice pudding (“sutliash”), tulumba (a dessert made of unleavened dough in the form of tubes, fried until golden brown and poured with sweet syrup), halva, marmalade, butter donuts (“crofni”), bagels with honey and jam (“kiflice”).

Where to eat in Macedonia? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants with Macedonian and other cuisines of the world;
  • eateries and other fast food establishments.

Important: in the country there is a division of restaurants into men's and women's (restaurants for men are in the majority, and the most popular women's restaurant is “Baghdad” in Skopje).

If you are a true gourmet, you will love the Macedonian cuisine, which is diverse and unusual: local chefs beautifully decorate their culinary creations.

Drinks in Macedonia

Popular drinks of the Macedonians are coffee, tea (green, herbal with honey), mousses and fruit juices, salep (thick, sweet white drink with cinnamon), ayran, rakia (a local brandy made from grapes, plums, peaches, apricots, pears ), beer, wine.

Local brandy is white and yellow: it is not recommended to mix the two varieties of this drink, as well as to drink beer or wine before or after brandy.

Gastronomic tour to Macedonia

If you are a wine connoisseur, you should go on a gastronomic journey, during which you will visit local wineries. On this tour, you will walk through wine cellars and taste various Macedonian wines. In addition, you will walk through local restaurants, where you will be served with seafood and fish dishes, which are excellent additions to which will be white, red and rosé Macedonian wines..

In Macedonia, you can go hiking and mountain tourism, go fishing or go rafting, relax on the Prespa and Ohrid lakes, look at ancient monasteries, taste original Macedonian cuisine.

Photos of national dishes of Macedonia

  • Traditional Macedonian cuisine
  • Traditional Macedonian cuisine
  • Traditional Macedonian cuisine