The best resorts in Malaysia. The best resorts in Malaysia for holidays

The best resorts in Malaysia

The best resorts in Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing country that can offer not only a first-class vacation in complete harmony with nature, but also boast a rich historical past, which will tell its sights. The best resorts in Malaysia are ready to reveal to travelers the secrets of the pristine tropical paradise, where everything is unique: both flora and fauna. Here you will find magnificent white sand beaches, clear sea waters and first-class service in luxurious hotel complexes..


Penang Island, at the same time one of the states of the country, is located not far from its mainland in the Andaman Sea. The resort area and the mainland are connected by an automobile bridge. The famous Georgetown is also located here, which is the capital of the state, as well as the historical heritage of Malaysia, thanks to the architectural monuments on its territory..

The local vacation is more likely to be attributed to an excursion rather than a classic beach vacation. Many interesting historical and cultural sites, great shipping, as well as a variety of entertainment - that's what awaits you in Penang. In addition, life here does not stop for a second: nightclubs and discos, restaurants and shopping centers, souvenir shops and markets open all night long.

If we talk about the beaches, then they are mostly not very clean. Therefore, Penang is rather an excursion vacation spot..


Another Malaysian island ahead of its «fellow» - Penang Island is the most popular among travelers. The local rest, first of all, is the beach. And you will be greeted by cozy and completely clean beaches.

If desired, you can find secluded, practically «wild» places, but quite comfortable to enjoy such a choice. You can settle in a small bungalow and become the owner of your own beach for a while. And sometimes it can be a whole uninhabited island.

You will not be bored here, unless it is your personal decision. Langkawi is full of entertainment, wonderful shopping centers where you can thoroughly «to clean» your wallet, as well as restaurants with great food. The cable car, the aquarium and crocodile farm, the farm where American buffaloes are bred are just a small list of places to go while in this paradise..

There are no man-made attractions on this island, but natural attractions more than compensate for this shortcoming: gorgeous waterfalls, mysterious caves and beaches with extraordinary black sand.


A miniature islet washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, is located off the western coast of the country. Pangkor is very popular with eco-tourism enthusiasts. Here you will be greeted by the natural beauty of the local nature and residents unspoiled by civilization and crowds of tourists.

Almost the entire territory of the island is a pristine jungle and only on the coast can you feel the presence of a person: there are small fishing villages with simple wooden houses.

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  • The best resorts in Malaysia
  • The best resorts in Malaysia
  • The best resorts in Malaysia