Flag of the Marshall Islands: photos, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands flag

Marshall Islands flag

The state flag of the Republic of the Marshall Islands was officially approved in May 1979.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Marshall Islands

The flag of the Marshall Islands has a classic rectangular shape, adopted by most world powers. The length and width of the flag correlate with each other in a rather atypical proportion 19:10.
The main field of the Marshall Islands flag is light blue. Two triangular "rays" emerge from the lower left corner of the panel in the opposite direction. The outer side of the upper light brown beam ends in the upper right corner of the flag. The bottom of the bottom triangle is white in color on the free edge of the Marshall Islands flag. In the upper left part of the panel there is an image of a white star with 24 rays. Every sixth ray is much longer than the previous five. The same star is applied to the coat of arms of the state, which is at the same time the seal of the country..
The blue field of the flag of the Marshall Islands symbolizes the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in which the archipelago is located. The white stripe means the desire for peace and mutual understanding between all peoples on the planet, and the light brown stripe means the courage of the people inhabiting the island. In addition, the stripes serve as a symbolic image of two chains of islands in the archipelago - Ratak and Ralik, which represent a single whole both on the map and in life. The number of rays of the white star is equal to the number of constituencies in the territory of the state of the Marshall Islands.
The Marshall Islands flag is permitted for use by individuals, government agencies and public organizations for any purpose on land. At sea, the flag can be hoisted on private ships and ships of the state and merchant fleets.

History of the flag of the Marshall Islands

Prior to the emergence of the modern flag of the Marshall Islands, the territory of the archipelago used the UN banner from 1947 to 1965 and the US Trust Territory flag from 1965 to 1979. The latter was a blue rectangle, in the center of which were six equal five-pointed white stars in a circle. Having received limited autonomy from the United States, under whose tutelage the country was, the state developed a draft of its own flag. Its author was the first lady Emlain Kabua, wife of the then president of the Marshall Islands..

Marshall Islands Flag Photos

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