Mediterranean resorts: photos, description

Mediterranean resorts

Mediterranean resorts

The most popular resort region for the Russian traveler is, without a doubt, the Mediterranean. Millions of compatriots flock here every year in search of the sea, sun and pleasant beach experiences, fortunately there are plenty to choose from - more than two dozen states are happy to offer their services to happy vacationers. All Mediterranean resorts are located in a comfortable climate zone, their hotels are designed for every budget and taste, and the abundance of interesting excursion programs and active entertainment makes this region especially attractive for curious travelers..

Nice bonuses

Choosing a vacation in the resorts of the Mediterranean, their guests can count on many advantages and benefits:

  • The flight to the vast majority of Mediterranean beaches does not exceed five hours and docking on the road is not required.
  • The prices for air tickets are quite democratic, and almost all categories of tourists can afford rest here..
  • The swimming season starts in this region in April-May and continues confidently until late autumn..
  • The local cuisine is ideal for both adults and children, and the large number of natural products makes the diet not only tasty, but also healthy..
  • Most of the beaches in Mediterranean resorts have the prestigious Blue Flag certificates for their particular cleanliness and environmental friendliness.
  • Having a Schengen visa allows guests of any European state to easily travel within one trip to different countries of the European Union. Some Mediterranean beaches are available without a visa..
  • A huge number of options for interesting excursion programs allows you to spend a rich and informative vacation and significantly diversify your beach vacation.
  • All beach hotels offer a high level of service and comfort and are consistent with the declared star rating.

Two worlds - two continents

Eurasia and Africa are two continents washed by the Mediterranean Sea. When choosing a place to spend their vacation, travelers get the chance to plunge into completely different cultures and get acquainted with the amazing heritage of ancient civilizations. Ruins of ancient Roman amphitheaters and aqueducts, ancient Greek temples, biblical relics of the Middle East and the medieval charm of the old streets of the Maghreb cities - everything can be accessible and close in the resorts of the Mediterranean.


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