Holidays in Moldova are traditions. National holidays of Moldova

Holidays in Moldova

Moldova is famous for its various colorful holidays, official, traditional and professional. Any holidays in Moldova are accompanied by fun and exciting programs!

April Fool's Day

This holiday is not official in the country. But laughter and humor, gaiety and fun are the national trait of every resident of Moldova..

Moldavian people «April Fool's Day» does not deprive its attention, and most importantly, on this holiday, they arrange various pranks and banter, so you can hear cheerful laughter in every house.

The country is famous for many humorous stories and characters. For example, every well-known character Päkale, ironic and humorous, always makes everyone smile.

National Wine Day

Wine in Moldova is not just a drink, but the culture and tradition of this region. It's not in vain that Moldova looks like a vine on the map. We can safely say that such a thing as winemaking is in the genes of every Moldovan, so you can see a small winery in every house. But the most important thing is that every resident of Moldova is impeccably versed in a truly good wine drink and knows how to prepare it correctly..

For the first time «National Wine Day» was celebrated in 2002 and has been celebrated every year since that time. On this festive day, all winemakers are walking along the streets of Moldova, accompanied by dancers and musicians. And at the end of the festive program, a Moldovan dance is performed, uniting everyone, since the main condition of the dance is the interlacing of the hands of its participants.

Festive events are held in the central square of Chisinau. This is the most suitable place for performing a dance, because there is enough space for everyone to take part in the fun.

In addition, on this festive day, the program includes a tasting of young wine drinks, as a result, the best Moldovan winemaker is awarded the title «Best Folk Winemaker».

Limba Noastre

On August 31, every year the residents of Moldova celebrate «Limba Noastre», their national holiday. On this day, according to tradition, concert programs are held in each settlement of the Moldavian Republic, in which amateur folk ensembles participate, as well as numerous competitions in national wrestling «trynta».

On this festive day, on the Chisinau square, on the avenue of the classics, flowers are brought, laying them at the monuments of the most famous figures of Moldova, and a memorial service is held at the cemetery in their honor. To the square «Of the Grand National Assembly» many famous artists come, all kinds of competitive programs, quizzes are arranged. All people who came to this holiday are circling in the dance of the famous Moldovan choir, which unites all peoples!