Airport in Ulaanbaatar: scheme, photo. How to get to Ulaanbaatar airport

Airport in Ulaanbaatar

Airport in Ulaanbaatar

Genghis Khan Airport serves the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. The airport is located about 20 kilometers from the city center, near the Tuul River. Genghis Khan is the largest of the country's four airports with international flights. The main airlines operating with the airport are Aero Mongolia, MIAT Mongolian Airlines. Among Russian airlines, Aeroflot and Yakutia cooperate with the airport. Accordingly, they provide air communication with Moscow and Yakutsk. In addition to Russian cities, Genghis Khan Airport makes regular flights to other major cities in Europe and Asia - London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, etc..
The airport has two runways with a length of 2000 and 3100 meters. About a million passengers and 4 thousand tons of cargo are served here annually..


The airport in Ulaanbaatar begins its history at the beginning of 1957. A year later, the first international flights to Irkutsk and Beijing began from here. Flights began to be operated on a regular basis only in 1961.
However, all this time, the passenger terminal could not properly serve passengers; its reconstruction was carried out only in 1986..
The next significant event happened after 1997. After the revolution, the airport received large funds from the Asian Development Bank, which were aimed at improving the quality of airport services. Thanks to these improvements, the airport received ICAO certification. On December 21, 2005 the airport received a new name and became known as Genghis Khan Airport..


The airport in Ulaanbaatar is ready to ensure a comfortable stay of passengers on its territory. There are cafes and restaurants that are ready to feed hungry passengers.
Also on the territory of the airport there are shops where you can find various goods - souvenirs, gifts, drinks, etc..
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room. In addition, there are special play areas for children on the territory of the terminal..
If necessary, you can buy the necessary medicines at the pharmacy.
For tourists traveling in business class, the airport in Ulaanbaatar offers a VIP lounge.

How to get there

There are several ways to get from the airport to the capital of Mongolia. The simplest and cheapest option is the bus. There is a regular bus service from the airport to the city.
Also, you can get to any point in the city by taxi.

Photos of Ulaanbaatar airport

  • Airport in Ulaanbaatar
  • Airport in Ulaanbaatar