Mongolia airports - list of Mongolia international airports

Airports in Mongolia

Airports in Mongolia

Not only horses are held in high esteem in the wild steppes of Mongolia - the history of aviation here goes back almost a hundred years. Considerable distances and inaccessibility of some settlements have necessitated the construction of a large number of airports - Mongolia boasts several dozen. Out of almost eighty air harbors, only ten have a solid takeoff, but even less international status..
Russian tourists prefer to use the services of Aeroflot for flights to Mongolia, which makes several regular flights a week from Moscow to Ulan Bator. Travel time is 6 hours. With transfers to the capital of Mongolia, you can fly through Beijing, Istanbul and Almaty.

Mongolia International Airports

Several air ports have international status, although in fact, few of them accept flights from abroad:

  • Air harbor 6 km northwest of the city of Dalanzadgad in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It underwent a complete reconstruction in 2007, but there are no flights outside the country, despite the airport certification. Flights to the capital's Genghis Khan airport and to the Tavan Tolgoi coal field.
  • From the city of Ulgiy, there are domestic flights and regular international flights to Urumqi, China, carried out by pilots and aircraft of Air China from China..
  • Chinese Urumqi is also on the schedule of the airport in the city of Khovd. In addition, the international list includes Kazakh Ust-Kamenogorsk and Almaty.

Metropolitan direction

Mongolia's main airport is located 18 km west of Ulaanbaatar. Its international history began in the middle of the last century, when aviators made their first flights to Irkutsk and Beijing. At the end of the 80s of the XX century, the passenger terminal of Ulaanbaatar was reconstructed in accordance with international standards of air transportation, and today, here, as in other parts of the world, you can find many interesting things to do while waiting for your flight. There are not many duty-free shops in the terminal, but they offer excellent national souvenirs. Do not forget that the city where the airport is located is one of the least visited capitals on the planet..
The airline accredited at the Mongolian capital airport is called Aero Mongolia, and its schedule includes flights to Irkutsk, Russia. The second national carrier is MIAT Mongolian Airlines, which delivers passengers to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin and Frankfurt and, seasonally, to Bangkok, Dubai, Hanoi, Jakarta, Pyongyang, Sanya and Yekaterinburg. Foreigners are represented by Kazakh, Chinese, Korean and Turkish airlines.
Transfer from the airport to the capital is one of the cheapest in the world. A bus ticket departing from a stop at the terminal exit costs about $ 0.20, and a taxi service costs $ 5.
Departure from the country is accompanied by an airport tax of $ 10. (All prices are as of August 2015)
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  • Airports in Mongolia
  • Airports in Mongolia