Capital of Mongolia: map, photo. What is the capital of Mongolia?

Ulan Bator - the capital of Mongolia

Ulan Bator - the capital of Mongolia

The capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, is not just the country's administrative center, but also its most populous city. Almost half of all Mongolians live here. The appearance of the capital is somewhat unusual. Here you will see both modern skyscrapers, among which Buddhist monasteries are lost, and traditional Mongolian yurts located along the entire perimeter of the city..


It is the largest Buddhist monastery in the capital of all. It was built in the 19th century, approximately in the middle of it. And by the beginning of the 20th century, he took over the role of the main place of worship of the Buddha throughout Mongolia. Then it was closed and «second birth» fell on 1944, because the people of the country were in dire need of a place of pilgrimage. The temple receives pilgrims to this day.

Monument to Genghis Khan

The monument is visible from all parts of the city and is the main attraction of the country. The monument depicting Genghis Khan on horseback was opened in 2008. Today it is the largest equestrian monument. The total height, including the pedestal, is 50 meters. Here you can not only appreciate the devotion of the Mongols to their ancestor, but also look into the museum and art gallery located at the base of the monument. But the monument itself is quite interesting. The fact is that the horse's eyes are also a viewing platform from where you can admire the views of the capital..

Sukhbaatar Square

The main square of the capital, named after Sukhe-Bator, the man who led the people's revolution. The central part of the square is decorated with a monument dedicated to this freedom fighter.

The composition is quite unusual. Sukhe-Bator sits on a horse, surrounded by desert lions, his hand is extended forward. He also continues his fiery speeches, a fragment of one of which is knocked out on the basis of the monument.

Bogdykhan's palace

One of the historical gems of Mongolia. Construction took place at the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. Now the historical museum is located here..
Initially, the palace was intended for Bogdykhan Bogdo-Gegen VIII - the last reigning monarch.

The museum is represented by a summer and winter palace. The Chinese style was chosen for the construction of the summer residence. It is dated from 1893 to 1903. And only after the completion of its construction, the winter palace was erected..

The museum collection consists of more than eight thousand exhibits. Here you can see portraits of the country's rulers, as well as various sculptures. The reconstructed interiors of the palace will help you take an excursion into the distant past.

Naran-Tul market

Be sure to check out this market square, the largest in the entire country. Naran-Tul is a huge hit with shoppers. People from all parts of the country flock here to empty their money-boxes. The guests of the capital also keep up with the indigenous population in their desire to lighten their wallet. Here you will find everything and at very reasonable prices. It is on Naran-Tul that you will find the excellent cashmere for which Mongolia is so famous. But besides a huge selection of goods, there are many pickpockets here. So be careful!


  • Ulan Bator - the capital of Mongolia
  • Ulan Bator - the capital of Mongolia
  • Ulan Bator - the capital of Mongolia