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Mongolian traditions

Mongolian traditions

The huge territory and scant information about the life, way of life and traditions of Mongolia make this state mysterious and entertaining for a huge number of travelers who know a lot about tourist pleasures. Going on a tour to Mongolia means discovering the homeland of Genghis Khan, catching the wind of freedom in the vast expanses of the steppe and forever falling in love with kumis, which gives strength and courage to the indefatigable nomad.

Time to collect stones

One of the ancient traditions of Mongolia is the collection of stones and the construction of special structures called "ovo" from them. Stones stacked in piles mark sacred places or important events in people's lives. It is forbidden to make noise or even talk near the ovo, it is forbidden to make fires, and even more so to destroy the sacred pyramids.
The rest of the Mongols are very friendly and welcoming. It is customary for them to provide a guest not only with help, but also with real honor and respect. A tired traveler will always find shelter in a Mongolian yurt and will receive an overnight stay and food, he will be entertained with an interesting conversation and will be offered all the best that a poor family has. Mongolian traditions do not provide for hospitality rewards, because any help is offered here from the heart.

Nomadic people

The history of the Mongol tribes is the history of the nomads. The inhabitants of the country from time immemorial were engaged in cattle breeding and constantly moved from place to place in search of new pastures. For convenience, their dwellings have a special design and are easily disassembled and rebuilt in a matter of minutes. The Mongolian yurt is called "ger" and the rules of behavior in it may seem rather complicated to a person who is not familiar with the Mongolian tradition..
Even modern Mongols prefer their nomadic dwellings to any others, and yurts can be seen everywhere not only in the steppe, but also in the capital of the country. Felt houses are divided into male and female halves, and people of the opposite sex should not cross the borders of "foreign territory". When taking food, it is important to use the right-hand rule, because the left is considered unclean by the locals..

Useful little things

  • For the Mongol, the fire in the hearth is sacred. Do not pour water on the fire or touch the flames with a knife. No objects are thrown into the fire, and no rubbish or old clothes are burned in it..
  • You should not step on the threshold of a yurt, as well as sit or stand on it.
  • You will have to take seats at the table according to the instructions of the owner of the home, and the gifts you bring should not be given all at once, but alternately throughout the meeting.


  • Mongolian traditions
  • Mongolian traditions
  • Mongolian traditions