Holidays in Montenegro in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Montenegro in January

Holidays in Montenegro in January

Holidays in Montenegro in January

January cannot be called a successful month for a vacation in Montenegro, because it is at this time that the worst weather conditions are established. Despite this, the temperature never drops below 10C. At the same time, in coastal areas the temperature can reach + 12C. The average night temperature is + 6C. A gusty cold wind occurs only in flat regions. The northern regions are protected from the wind by mountain ranges. There is a lot of rainfall in January. Showers are frequent on the coast, and snowfalls occur in the northern and central regions. However, the rest can please thanks to the rich cultural leisure..

Holidays and festivals in Montenegro in January

Holidays in Montenegro in January can be remembered for a long time. This month there are original holidays that allow you to get to know the Montenegrin culture.

On January 2, locals celebrate Chicken Christmas. It is believed that a good meeting of this holiday will ensure success in the poultry industry. The holiday is considered Orthodox, but the presence of pagan elements can be noted in the rituals.

On January 5, the entire local population celebrates the national religious holiday Tutsindan. Children should not be punished on this holiday. Otherwise, babies will be naughty for the next year..

The festival is held throughout January «Hot winter in the mountains» at the famous ski resorts of Montenegro, among which it should be noted Beranje, Kolashin, Niksic, Rozhae, Cetinje, Zabljak. It hosts competitions for skiers and snowboarders, as well as cultural events. Zabljak hosts the Montenegro Winter Cup, which is a car race on the snow. Tourists are also attracted by cross-country skiing competitions, which are held under the name «All in the snow».

Shopping in Montenegro in January

In mid-January, winter sales will start in Montenegro. During this period, prices for collections of the last season in stores are reduced by 30-50%. The best cities for shopping are Podgorica and Bar.

The main shopping street of Bar is named after Vladimir Rolovich. Here you can find clothes, shoes, accessories of Italian manufacturers, leather bags, jewelry, perfumes.

The best shops in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, are located on the streets of Njegosheva, Hercegovachka. If you wish, you can give preference to products of Balkan brands, among which Legend, Kara, Azzaro should be noted..

Photos of rest in Montenegro

  • Holidays in Montenegro in January
  • Holidays in Montenegro in January