Car rental in Montenegro. Car rental in Montenegro - prices

Car rental in Montenegro

Car rental in Montenegro

You can go on your own to explore the beauty of Montenegro in your car, but is it worth driving a car through several border points, it is much easier to rent it when you arrive at the place. Of course, they will give you a car if you are over 22 years old and have more than two years of driving experience. You will need a minimum of documents - a passport and a license. Our domestic ones will also do. If you have international law, that's a little better. But a bank card, which is often required in European countries, is not needed here..

The only limitation is that you need to warn the manager if you travel outside the country by a rented car..

Pros and cons of renting

By renting a car in Montenegro, you can travel around the country and see all the variety of its wonderful landscapes. At the same time, you will not spend a lot of time on bus transfers. The car will allow you to visit the maximum of attractions You will be able to see many cities and villages, as well as look into places that are not recognized as tourist destinations. This way you can get to know much better the traditional way of life in Montenegro..

It should be remembered that in rural areas pets, including cattle, often go out on the roads. There is another problem near the mountains - rockfalls. Therefore, travel outside cities must be done with caution..

In general, the not very good quality of roads, to which, alas, we are no stranger, is more than compensated by the fact that they are all free.

In Montenegro, first of all, those who need a budget vacation will feel comfortable. Everything here is inexpensive, besides, it is quiet and peaceful here. It is good to come to the country on vacation with children, as there are wonderful beaches.

Natural attractions of the country

Nature lovers will love the new national park, which opened in 1983. This is a huge freshwater Skadar Lake, however, part of the reservoir is located in Albania, it is called Shkoder. The lake is very beautiful and majestic, rich in fish and inhabited by an incredible number of birds. Ancient cozy villages are spread on its banks. There are churches on the islands, you can also see the ruins of fortresses.

All this beauty just beckons and attracts tourists, and so that you have a wonderful opportunity to see this miracle with your own eyes, it is best to use a rented car..

Many tourists come here from any resort town, wishing to change the scenery and gain more impressions from their vacation..


  • Car rental in Montenegro
  • Car rental in Montenegro