Coat of arms of Morocco: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Morocco

Coat of arms of Morocco

According to the laws of the country, the coat of arms of Morocco has royal status. This coat of arms was introduced in 1957. the coat of arms has many classical canons - in particular, a shield supported by golden lions standing on two legs.

What is depicted on the coat of arms

There is a shield in the central part of the coat of arms. It is supported by both lions. In the center of the shield there is a green pentagram against a red background. Above the pentagram there is an image of the sunrise over the mountains. At the top of the shield is the king's crown.

On the ribbon is the motto indicated in Arabic. This is an excerpt from a surah of the Qur'an that says: «If You Help God, He Will Help You».
The head of the coat of arms is scarlet and concave, at the top it has yellow, green and blue rhombuses.

What does the pentagram mean

The pentagram has, in the most general terms, the following basic meanings:

  • The most ancient sign of life, as well as a sign of good health;
  • The main state emblem of the country;
  • The pentagram denotes the victory of good and truth.
  • Five rays in a star are nothing more than the five pillars of Islam.

The green color of the pentagram on the coat of arms of Morocco was also not chosen by chance, because it is the main color in Islam. And Islam is the dominant religion in Morocco. The green color of the pentagram is also a sign of hope..

Other symbols of the coat of arms

The red color, in addition to the symbolism of the Sun, also denotes the ruling Meccan sheriffs. It is from them that the ruling dynasty of Morocco originates. Red is also courage, courage, strength, valor, loyalty to duty..

Above the shield is the crown of the country. It is decorated with green and red stones, repeating the main colors of the coat of arms. The crown is also topped with a golden pentagram.

The Moroccan coat of arms has quite interesting supporters. They are lions with one raised paw. The paws are lifted from the side opposite to the viewer. The left lion is on guard at all. These are symbols of the guard, protection of the state, the struggle for independence, as well as constant readiness to defend against enemies. These are the Barbarian lions, once common in Morocco, and now completely exterminated..

Interestingly, the rulers of Morocco once received lions as a gift from the Berbers. Perhaps this fact is also immortalized on the Moroccan coat of arms..
Some heraldic researchers believe that the star of the crown of the coat of arms of Morocco is a five-pointed Solomon star..


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