Trip to Morocco

Trip to Morocco

Trip to Morocco

A trip to Morocco will give you not only a good beach holiday, but also an excellent excursion program.

Railway transport

There are railways in the north and central part of Morocco. The total length of the tracks is about 2,000 kilometers.

Trains run on the following route: Marrake - Casablanca; Fez - Tangier; Fez - Ouzhda.

Trips take place in a comfortable environment. In addition, relatively inexpensive.

There are three categories of trains in the country: classic trains; comfortable; high-speed comfortable (designed for long journeys, have a buffet)..

Aerial traffic

There are 12 airports in the country that accept international flights. In addition, there are 40 more complexes serving domestic flights in different cities of Morocco..

Public transport

Bus routes have an extensive network and cover all settlements of the country. Buses run strictly on schedule and must have their own air conditioning system.

The ticket price is not high. To buy a ticket, you need to contact a special office. If boarding takes place in a small town, then payment is made directly to the bus driver. Both state and private companies are engaged in road transportation..

City buses, which represent public transport in cities, are almost always overcrowded.


The best way to travel in Morocco. The roads here are some of the best in all of Africa. All highways are asphalted, there are detailed route signs. It is forbidden to visit Medina by car, but there are no problems with parking space in the country.

Drivers are very strict about following the traffic rules, as the fines in the country are high.


In Morocco, you will find two types of taxis: city taxis; intercity.

The most comfortable are Petit taxi. They carry a maximum of three passengers. You can find such a taxi at a special parking lot. Petit taxi can be used as a car with a personal chauffeur, but in addition to the meter readings, you will have to pay for the waiting time.

If you are planning a trip to another city, then you need to take a Grand taxi. There are also parking lots in all major cities. These cars can accommodate 6 passengers. The driver sets off after the salon is full.

Car rental

These services are offered by local and international companies. Standard driver requirements.

A somewhat exotic, but convenient way of getting around the country is by hitchhiking. By the way, sometimes the police themselves even help the traveling tourists get into the cars..


  • Trip to Morocco
  • Trip to Morocco