Culture of Norway: traditions, features

Norwegian culture

Norwegian culture

The ancestors of modern Norwegians were brave and dignified representatives of the Viking tribe, and therefore the basis of the culture of Norway is the legends, traditions, crafts and songs of a brave people who resisted the harsh climate and numerous external enemies..
Landscape, natural conditions, habitat and even the length of the day and night at different times of the year played a significant role in the development of some branches of Norwegian culture..

Admiration for nature

The former Norwegians lived poorly, day and night struggling with difficult natural conditions. The scarcity of resources, the constant need for work and the danger of getting their daily bread gave rise to a unique culture of Norway, which is fully manifested among its today's inhabitants..
Nature has served and is still a temple for most Norwegians. This was the reason for their special love for sports and other outdoor activities. Perhaps this is why, among the inhabitants of the country, hard work, honesty, simplicity in everyday life and decency in relations with other members of society are also held in high esteem..

Kitchen for real vikings

One of the components of Norway's culture is its cuisine, which is based on simple but hearty dishes. The harsh climate makes farming difficult, which is why the main products used by Norwegian housewives in the preparation of specialties are seafood, fish, game and milk..
By the way, some holidays in Norway also arose as a result of complete harmony with nature and taking into account the climatic characteristics of the northern latitudes. Norwegians celebrate Midsummer Day and the beginning of the White Nights, celebrate Christmas and organize various festivals related to fishing and sailing.

Three on the Nobel lists

The culture of Norway is also a special literature, the origins of which lie in ancient skaldic poetry. Then, with the arrival of Christian missionaries to these lands, the literary research of the indigenous people was enriched by European developments in the field of literature. Songs and folk tales, legends and fairy tales are carefully collected by scientists-folklorists and published for posterity. Norwegian literature was undoubtedly influenced by Danish, but somehow the world knows today three Nobel laureates from the land of the Vikings..
Ibsen remains one of the most famous representatives of the literary culture of Norway, who introduced mankind to the heroes of his novels "Peer Gynt" and "A Doll's House".


  • Norwegian culture
  • Norwegian culture