Holidays in Norway in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Norway in April

Holidays in Norway in April

Holidays in Norway in April

At first glance, Norway is a harsh and laconic country. Its restrained beauty is not immediately revealed to the tourist, and rather cool climatic conditions are poorly associated with the concept of vacation in the minds of ordinary Russian citizens..

And yet, a tourist who has been here at least once in the summer, who has managed to appreciate the local beauty and hospitality of local residents, will return once more to spend a vacation in Norway in April. See nature come to life, as the famous Norwegian national parks are covered with the first greens.

The beauty of the Norwegian fjords

The main natural attractions of this Scandinavian country are numerous fjords, which are considered by the locals to be real works of art. Their appearance is associated with the retreat of glaciers, when sea water came to replace and filled the valleys. Routes once paved by huge glaciers now attract tourists like a magnet.

Fjords run along the coastline, each of them special and unique. The Sognefjord differs in that it is the deepest. It is used by ocean liners. Tourists resting on it freeze with delight at the sight of a huge ship entering a rather narrow fjord. The second stage of enthusiastic words and surprises begins with tourists when they get acquainted with the stunning landscapes.

Despite the fact that the Norwegian fjords are a creation of nature itself, some of them were honored to be included in the famous UNESCO lists, which, in addition to cultural attractions, include natural heritage monuments.

One of them, the Geiranger Fjord, runs along uneven terrain, in many places the water falls in beautiful cascades and ledges. The most amazing waterfall in this fjord is called «Seven sisters». Travelers who came here in April will be lucky not only to see the majestic water stream falling down the ledges, but also a hymn to nature itself in the form of a huge blooming plant carpet..

Climate and nature in the fjords

The good thing about traveling through the fjords in April is the comfortable temperature of the air and water, of course, not for swimming. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the water surface of the fjords does not know what ice shackles are. This is used by animals and birds that have chosen coastal areas for living. The traveler will be able to admire fur seals or beluga whales, a variety of birds. And fishing for marine life will delight any fisherman.

Photos of holidays in Norway

  • Holidays in Norway in April
  • Holidays in Norway in April