Traditions of Oman - customs, photo

Omani traditions

Omani traditions

Absolutely safe for tourists, Oman is increasingly becoming the object of close attention of Russian travelers. Picturesque natural landscapes, carefully preserved customs, interesting historical sights and surprisingly distinctive traditions of Oman - these are the main reasons why travel agencies are increasingly booking tours to the Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula..

Colorful cauldron

Oman is home to many nationalities, and although its indigenous people are Arabs, you can find blacks and Persians, Baluchis and Indians, mulattos and Chinese here. Once upon a time, African slaves gathered in these lands, who received their freedom. They assimilated with the Arab population, resulting in the formation of the Musta-Ariba, or "mixed Arabs" group. Their culture has absorbed African and Arabic notes, as a result of which the traditions of Oman are very diverse and unique at the same time..

Silver and tattoos

The main ways for Omani women to adorn themselves are numerous silver bracelets and earrings. The faces and hands of local beauties are covered with blue tattoos, and luxurious silver jewelry sways regularly in the ears and nose. Ladies, according to the tradition of Oman, wear long shirts with sleeves and wide trousers, their heads are covered with black scarves, and their faces are deaf masks..
Representatives of the stronger sex prefer red turbans and the same long raincoats. Under them, striped robes are put on, and an indispensable attribute of a real man is tucked into the belt - a short dagger of jambia. This weapon is featured on the coat of arms and flag of Oman..

Useful little things

  • Once in Oman, you should follow the rules of conduct common to Arab countries in general and Muslim countries in particular..
  • You should not take pictures of residents of the country and especially women without their consent..
  • Clothes for walking around the city should be rather closed. For men, a short sleeve on a shirt is acceptable..
  • Alcohol, according to the Omani tradition, should only be consumed in a restaurant or in a private apartment. By the way, it's not easy to buy it here..
  • Women in Oman hold a number of leadership positions in ministries, but the behavior around them differs little from the traditional ones adopted in the Islamic world..
  • When you receive an invitation to visit the home of a local resident, be sure to agree. Omani traditions and customs of its citizens can be better learned during a private visit..


  • Omani traditions
  • Omani traditions
  • Omani traditions