Features of Pakistan - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Pakistan

National characteristics of Pakistan are based on ancient history, which mixed different traditions in one state. Pakistan is a relatively young nation, but its origins go back very deeply. Various traditions have mixed in Pakistan: Islam, Buddhists, Hindus and other faiths. The majority of Pakistanis are Muslims. This belief is fundamental to the behavior of Pakistanis, their way of life and habits. Pakistani laws are built on the basis of Sharia, and all public relations are subject to the laws of the Koran.

What are they, people of Pakistan?

The inhabitants of this country are very respectful of religion. In Pakistan, you can see people praying everywhere. Do not be surprised if the driver of the bus or train in which you are traveling suddenly stops to perform namaz. Every Pakistani follows the everyday rules of Islam in full. This also applies to the schedule of prayers, and taxes established in the state, and even the most ordinary hospitality..

Something, but Pakistanis know how to meet guests just fine. These people will be ready to accept you as the most dear guest, even if there is not much wealth in their house. Pakistanis are always very good-natured towards foreign tourists. Pakistanis should not be expected to be cheated or tricked, they are honest and open.

Remember not to offend

It is very easy to offend a person. Especially if he is a believer and sacredly honors the laws of religion. Pakistanis respect those guests who do not violate their traditions, follow elementary rules of conduct and appreciate the hospitality of the owners of any home. So, you need to remember:

  • It is not accepted to refuse an invitation to visit in Pakistan. This can hurt the owners. If you refuse once, you won't get an invitation again..
  • When going on a visit, do not bring food to the table and do not try to respect the owners with money. In no case bring alcohol to the table, thus you can offend a hospitable Pakistani very much.
  • To please, you can bring sweets, tobacco products or small beautiful souvenirs as a gift.

By the way, in Pakistan there are many rules that all visitors must follow:

  • You cannot pass in front of a person who reads a prayer;
  • In no case should you direct the sole of your foot towards another person;
  • It is undesirable to take anything or serve with your left hand, because it is used for performing hygiene procedures.

If you remember and follow the basic rules in Pakistan, then you will always be a welcome guest in this country.!