Panama airports - list of Panama international airports

Panama airports

Panama airports

Among the four dozen airports in Panama, the capital and those air gates that are located near popular resorts are of undoubted interest for tourists..
There are no direct flights to Panama from Moscow, but with connections in Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid or Amsterdam, you can easily get there on the wings of European airlines. Flying across the States will require a visa. The whole journey, depending on the route and transfers, will take at least 16 hours.

Panama International Airports

The list of Panama air harbors that have the right to receive flights from abroad, in addition to the capital, includes:

  • "Albruk Marcos A. Helabert" 1.5 km from the center of the capital. Despite its international status, it has only domestic flights of the national carrier Air Panama in its schedule. Plans for 2016 include flights to Colombia.
  • Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro serves the famous Panamanian resort in the Caribbean. Aircraft arrive here from the capital and the San Jose airport in Costa Rica.
  • The city where Captain Manuel Niño airport is located is called Changuinola. It is located at the northern border of the country on the Atlantic coast. The air harbor accepts flights from the capital and Bocas del Toro.
  • Enrique Malek Airport in David offers access to the Pacific coast from Panama City and San Jose in Costa Rica.
  • Planes from Colombia are landing at Pacifico, 10 kilometers southwest of Balboa. The airport is located in the Panama Canal area.

Metropolitan direction

The main air gateway of the country "Tocumen" in Panama City has the status of regional for the Caribbean region and the countries of both Americas. Emirates will start regular flights from Dubai to this Panama airport in 2016. It will be the world's longest non-stop route.
Panama Airport was built during the Second World War and since then it has undergone many renovations, which continue today. The new terminal boasts 34 gates for receiving aircraft and 10 moving walkways for passengers.

Airlines and destinations

The local Copa Airlines is accredited at Panama International Airport, which has dozens of flights to the countries of the Western Hemisphere in its schedule.
Panama is connected to the United States by American Airlines and United Airlines, which fly to Dallas, Miami, Houston and Denver. Air Canada flies to Toronto, Air France flies to Paris, and Condor flies to Frankfurt Airport. Numerous Central American and South American carriers connect Panama City with the states of their region.

Transfer and services

The 28 km between Panama airport and its capital is best traveled by taxi. The price will not exceed $ 30 (as of August 2015). There are buses, but the public transport stop is located far enough from the terminal exit. Payment for travel is made with special cards that are sold only in the city. This type of transfer will be convenient for those who get to the airport.
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