Peculiarities of Peru - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Peru

Features of Peru

Peru is a country with a diverse ethnic composition. To this day, the country has a rich history of Indian tribes and preference is given to their festivities. The national characteristics of Peru should be taken into account by every tourist who wants to spend a long-awaited vacation pleasantly..

The nuances of the Peruvian mentality

Many people note that Peruvians are slow and not always punctual. However, this largely depends on the origin of the inhabitant. For example, mestizo and other descendants of mixed marriages can be talkative, fussy. At the same time, the Indians who live in the mountainous regions of Peru show balance and tend to take their time in business..

Tourists should be prepared for the fact that orders in restaurants may be delayed, so you need to be patient, and public transport runs with delays, which implies non-compliance with the timetable.

Peruvians strive to show affability and friendliness, even towards strangers. You can be sure that, if necessary, the locals will provide help or give useful advice without counting on a reward. The point is that politeness and friendliness are rules of good form..

Peruvians are true patriots. If you want to establish good communication with a new acquaintance, try to avoid any negative statements about the country. Be prepared for the conservatism of the Peruvians. Young people strive to listen to their elders, and it is customary to treat the family with special care. Despite conservatism, men and women are equal in rights, which is an innovation in the culture of society.

How to behave in Peru?

  • The appearance should be neat. Try to clean your shoes. Demonstrate Pursuit of Purity!
  • A foreigner must make an appointment in advance, but be prepared for the Peruvian to be 10-30 minutes late.
  • When starting a conversation with a Peruvian, remember that you need to avoid talking about domestic politics and finances. Even with a new acquaintance, you need to keep yourself at ease, but switch to «you» it does not follow. The optimal form for new acquaintances is considered «senor» with the last name of the person.
  • Amerindian people may not be photographed on the street unless permission has been obtained. City dwellers also often refuse to be photographed. Photographing without flash is allowed in religious establishments.
  • Alcohol should not be carried away. Especially with alcoholic beverages, you need to be careful during business meetings. In order to smoke, you need to ask permission, calmly referring to the fact that others will also smoke.


  • Features of Peru
  • Features of Peru
  • Features of Peru