Flag of Peru: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Peru

Peru flag

Peru flag

Every year on June 7, Peru's National Flag Day is celebrated, which serves as one of the important symbols of the country..

Description and proportions of the flag of Peru

The flag of the Republic of Peru is a rectangle, the width of which is proportional to the length in a ratio of 2: 3. The cloth is made with three vertical stripes of equal width. There is a white stripe in the center of the flag, and bright red along the edges. In the middle of the white field, at an equal distance from the edges, one of the variants of the image of the state emblem of the Republic of Peru is applied.
The red stripes of the flag symbolize the color of the blood of the brave defenders of the state's sovereignty, and the white field reminds of the dignity of the country's inhabitants. For Peruvians, white is also a desire for peace and a desire for progress and development..
A variant of the coat of arms adorning the flag of Peru is a heraldic shield depicting a vicuna on a blue field and a cinchona tree on a white. These are the main symbols of the Peruvian fauna and flora. The lower part of the shield is given to the cornucopia, whose image on the coat of arms tells about the endless natural resources and wealth of the republic. The cornucopia is made in gold on a bright red field. The laurel wreath over the shield is the immortal glory that Peruvian fighters for independence and defenders of the homeland have covered themselves with. Around the shield are green branches, which are intercepted by a ribbon that repeats the colors of the flag - red and white.

History of the flag of Peru

The flag of the Republic of Peru was coined in 1820. It was then that Jose de San Martin arrived in the country. This general led the war for the independence of Latin America from the colonial oppression of Spain. General Jose de San Martin became the first head of the Peruvian government.
After seeing flamingos on the Peruvian lakes, the general suggested choosing red and white as the iconic colors for the Peruvian Legion, as they reminded him of the color combination on the wings of flamingos..
In February 1825, the flag of Peru without a coat of arms was officially approved. In 1838, the country's coat of arms appeared on the white field of the flag, and the state symbol was re-adopted. Today both versions of the Peruvian flag are equal in the country. It is customary to raise the flag of Peru with the coat of arms on public holidays. He took his place on all flagpoles of government agencies, including educational ones. The second version of the flag is less official.

Photos of the flag of Peru

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