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Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Many dishes of the national cuisine of Peru are quite spicy (pepper and garlic are abundant in Peruvian dishes). Despite this, special attention should be paid to the popular fish dish in the country - raw fish marinated in lemon juice (ceviche).

Food in Peru

The diet of the Peruvians consists of meat (chicken, pork, lamb, beef, meat of llamas and guinea pigs), potatoes (over 2000 types of this vegetable grow in Peru), corn, seafood, legumes and rice, and any meal of the locals is accompanied by the use of corn and tacos. Dishes of beef, poultry and pork are widespread on the coast and in the plains, and in the mountainous regions, dishes of pork and lamb, alpaca and llama meat.

Want to sample some traditional Peruvian cuisine? Order potato pies stuffed with avocado, crab meat, or chicken (causa rellena) from local establishments; chowder cooked in milk using potatoes and eggs (chupe de camarones); spicy soup with noodles and beef (sopa criolla); jelly made with sweet potatoes, corn, cinnamon, dried fruit, cloves and lemon (mazamorra morada).

Locals are sensitive to culinary issues, so even the Museum of National Cuisine is open in Lima. Anyone can come here to have a delicious meal, although it will not be easy to choose one of the huge assortment of dishes. Those who love spicy food will be able to taste pork roasted on charcoal with a hot sauce here; those wishing to taste something special can opt for meat from llamas or guinea pigs, and vegetarians - on vegetable stew, as well as dishes of spinach, beans and lentils.

Where to eat in Peru? At your service:

  • cafes and small eateries;
  • restaurants of international fast food chains (they can be found in large cities);
  • seaside restaurants (here you can taste a variety of fish and seafood dishes);
  • cafes and restaurants where you can order dishes of Peruvian, European and other cuisines.

Drinks in Peru

Popular Peruvian drinks - fruit juices, tea infused with coca leaves, tea “mate”, coffee, emoliente (hot herbal drink), Inca Kola (bright yellow drink - Coca-Cola equivalent), pisco (local brandy), various pisco-based drinks (pisco with vermouth, pisco with syrup, pisco with ginger beer ), corn beer, grape vodka, wine.

Food tour in Peru

On a food tour to Lima, you will visit the popular market of the city - Surquillo, which sells a variety of fish, fruits and vegetables. The chef who will accompany you on this excursion will tell you about Peruvian products and their importance in the national cuisine. In one of the popular restaurants in Lima, the chef will teach you how to cook popular Peruvian dishes, and the bartender will teach you the national drink. “Pisco sour”, which you can later try.

Any passionate traveler simply must visit Peru in order not only to see the lost mythical city of the Incas - Machu Picchu, but also to taste the most delicious Peruvian dishes.

Photos of national dishes of Peru

  • Traditional Peruvian Cuisine
  • Traditional Peruvian Cuisine
  • Traditional Peruvian Cuisine