Tours to Machu Picchu (Peru). Holidays in Machu Picchu: photos, tours

Tours to Machu Picchu

Tours to Machu Picchu

In Machu Picchu, everything is shrouded in mystery: no one really knows neither the time of the construction of the Inca city, nor the purpose of its construction in such an inconvenient place, nor the reason why it suddenly became empty, nor even its real name. Participants of a tour to Machu Picchu can try to find answers to these questions or at least take a few selfies against the background of amazing stone structures and good-natured long-eared lamas, for which you will first have to buy a ticket to South America.

The secret of the great Inca

Presumably, the creator of Machu Picchu was the Inca ruler Pachacutec, whose period of rule fell on the middle of the 15th century, and less than a hundred years after its construction, all the inhabitants of the stone city disappeared in the most mysterious way. The city was not destroyed by the conquistadors, perhaps because they simply could not get there. Even today, the participants of the Machu Picchu tours have to go through a difficult path to see the magnificent terraces on the slopes of the mountain range at an altitude of almost 2.5 kilometers above sea level. The sacred mountain shelter was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century and since then the folk trail of lovers of riddles and mysterious legends has not overgrown here..

Briefly about the important

  • The status of a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List has caused an increased flow of tourists to the ruins of the ancient city. The government of the country has decided to limit the number of visitors and when planning tours to Machu Picchu, it is best to buy train tickets and book entrance tickets to the complex in advance..
  • You can get to the new wonder of the world by train from the city of Cusco with a change to a bus that overcomes the last few kilometers along the mountain serpentine in 15 minutes. There are also hiking trails along the real Inca trail, starting in the same place in Cusco, for which you will have to hire a guide from local Indians.
  • The hotel, located almost at the very entrance to the ancient city, asks for one night an amount equal to the budget of the rest of the trip. But in Cusco or neighboring cities, you can always find a budget hotel with pleasant service and national cuisine..
  • When planning tours to Machu Picchu, it is important to study the weather forecast for the region. There is always a strong difference between night and day temperatures, and most of the precipitation falls in the period from November to March. The dry season begins in April and then daytime temperatures can reach +25 degrees.


  • Tours to Machu Picchu
  • Tours to Machu Picchu