Trip to Peru

Trip to Peru

Trip to Peru

A trip to Peru is a great opportunity to go on a journey into the distant times of the Inca rule and get acquainted with amazing facts from their life..

Public transport

The cheapest way to travel long distances around the country is by bus. At the same time, the cars are quite comfortable. You should be more careful when choosing a carrier, as buses may be completely unsuitable for travel.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket offices of bus stations or local travel agencies. But at the same time, be prepared for a significant overpayment. You need to book a ticket in advance, since there are usually no seats immediately before boarding.

When going on a trip, do not forget to take your passport with you, as you will need to present it at police posts..

Luggage is usually transported on the roof of the bus, and therefore you should take care of good packaging. Otherwise, all things will get wet when it rains..

City buses

Buses to cities in Peru are always crowded, but very cheap to travel with. The route with the names of all streets is under the windshield. In addition, all the names of the stops are additionally sounded by the conductor. Stopping is possible anywhere, just give the driver a sign with your hand.

In addition to buses, you can move around the city by fixed-route taxis. The fare will be slightly higher when compared to a bus, but the trip itself will take place in more comfortable conditions..


You can catch a car without any problems. The cost of the trip must be negotiated in advance, so that later you do not hear an excessively high amount.

It is more prudent to use licensed taxis. They can be distinguished by their bright yellow color. Remember that a car taken directly at the airport will cost you much more than one caught on the street after leaving.

In addition to classic taxis, you will be offered their services of bicycles and rickshaws.

Air transport

The territory of Peru has a very difficult terrain, and therefore it is possible to get to some regions of the country exclusively by air. Domestic flights are operated by numerous local companies.

Railway transport

The most budgetary option for traveling around the country, and therefore trains are almost always crowded with passengers.

The carriages are divided into several classes, but tourists are advised to choose exclusively the first or second class. Otherwise, you can spend the whole trip in a crowded carriage, surrounded by someone else's luggage..


  • Trip to Peru
  • Trip to Peru