Holidays in Poland in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Poland in July

Holidays in Poland in July

Holidays in Poland in July

Wonderful sunny Polish summer invites everyone who loves the sea, salty wind and relatively warm weather, without the sweltering heat. In the middle of summer, the beach season begins, but there are not so many tourists here, so you can find quite secluded places on the coast..

Perhaps someone will be scared off by the water temperature, which rises only to the level of + 20 ºC, someone is racing for exotic tropical countries. But an understanding tourist knows that a vacation in Poland in July will give a feeling of quiet joy, a lot of discoveries, a feeling of freedom..

July weather

This time is considered very comfortable for people of any age and different health conditions. Average from + 21 ºC to + 23 ºC, judging by the largest cities. Polish nights are colder by 10 ºC, so lightweight blouses and jackets for walking under the stars will not be in the way.

Sea temperature on the Baltic coast + 20 ºC, perhaps sissies will not like such cool water. For such tourists in Poland, there are other fun and entertainment..

Salty tale

This country has its own magical dungeon, you should look for it in the outskirts of Wieliczka, a small Polish town near Krakow. The former salt deposits now attract thousands of tourists from all over the planet and, of course, were marked by UNESCO.

A small part of the mines is open for tourists, which will clearly tell about this landmark for all Poles place. The salt history of Europe passes before the eyes of the surprised guests of the underground. Here they will talk about the technologies for the extraction of an important element for a person, what difficulties the miners had to face.

The Wieliczka underground salt mines are also a very beautiful sight, as during the excursion tourists can see many salt sculptures created by man, amazing structures created by nature. The biggest surprise is the salt chapels, here young people dream of a wedding ceremony in such an extraordinary setting..

Healthy Wieliczka Salt

In addition to the various excursion programs themselves, the staff of this unique complex offer to undergo treatment. People have known about the properties of salt that help restore health for a long time and actively use it. Wieliczka has its own sanatorium located deep underground. The main focus is the treatment of allergies and diseases related to the upper respiratory tract.

As a keepsake, tourists take wonderful magnets and postcards from the wonderful capital of Wieliczka salt, but pieces of magic salt of different sizes can be the best gift for relatives.

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  • Holidays in Poland in July
  • Holidays in Poland in July