Prices in Poland - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Poland

Prices in Poland

Prices in Poland

Prices in Poland are noticeably lower than the average in European and neighboring countries (Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine).
But the cost of living in Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow is slightly higher than the national average..

Shopping and souvenirs

Shopaholics are better off coming to Poland in mid-January or mid-July - at this time, you can buy the desired items with 50-60% discounts.
But in addition to sales, you can always buy clothes from leading brands at affordable prices in shopping malls (prices here are as low as possible).

What to bring from Poland?

- Boleslav ceramics, carved wooden masks with a typically Polish face, souvenir gnomes, paintings by eminent contemporary artists, amber products, branded Polish men's hat, Hutsul carpets, natural wool, fur and leather products;
- a set of collectible Polish alcoholic drinks (goldwasser, zubrowka, gzhanes), Krakow sausage, homemade goat or sheep cheese.
When shopping in Poland, you can buy sausages and cheeses from 3 euros, alcoholic drinks - from 10 euros, salt lamps - from 10 euros, Hutsul carpets - from 120 euros, jewelry - from 5 euros, gural house slippers - from 10 euros.


Going on a sightseeing tour of the Old Town of Warsaw, you will be able to visit the Royal Castle, the Royal azienki Museum, the Palace on the Water, the Cathedral of St. John, stroll through azienki Park, the Market Square and other streets of the Old Town.
The approximate cost of the excursion is $ 30.
And on an excursion to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, you will visit a real underground city on 9 levels (underground chambers and huge halls are connected by long passages, which are decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures made of salt).
The approximate cost of a 3-hour excursion is $ 30.


While relaxing in Krakow, you should visit the Park Wodny water park - it will delight you with 8 roller coasters, swimming pools, geysers, a hydromassage pool, fountains.
The approximate cost of entertainment - from $ 10.
Visiting the planetarium in Torun, you will see the stars of the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth, and thanks to the effects created by special projectors, you will see the sunset and sunrise, the northern lights, starfall.
The approximate cost of entertainment - from $ 10.


Bus is a common mode of transport in Poland: for 1 trip you will pay from 0.7 euros, for a pass valid for 1 day - 4 euros, and for a pass valid for 3 days - 7 euros.
If your plans include an economical vacation (cheap hotel, inexpensive cafes, public transport, no alcohol abuse), then you will need about 25-35 euros per day for 1 person.


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