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Tourism in Poland

Tourism in Poland

For many centuries this small state has been in the center of attention of guests from different countries. Someone is attracted by a quiet, relaxing holiday on the coast of the Baltic Sea, someone, in search of new experiences, descends underground into the Wieliczka salt mines. Some prefer to travel to old and new Polish capitals, discovering the splendor of castles and churches..

It is not for nothing that tourism in Poland is among the priority areas of the country's economy; transport, utilities, and culture are at its service. Here you can spend a quiet relaxing vacation on the coast or in the countryside, and do active sports. Including in the cold season. Go on an educational journey or take a course of treatment and recovery.

Attention - tourist

Since Poland welcomes thousands of guests from different parts of the planet every day, there are many bad people who dream of ruining their vacation for visitors. Therefore, you need to be very careful, especially in crowded places or in transport. To deposit large amounts in a safe, or even better to use bank cards.

Polish zest

Among the most attractive places and destinations of the former Polish kingdom, tourists most often choose:

  • the underground kingdom of Wieliczka with its salt grottoes and a magnificent church;
  • the world famous Krakow with its endless number of ancient monuments and, above all, the royal Wawel;
  • Malbork - Teutonic capital and crusader castle.

Although its sights, unique creations of nature and man can be found in every corner of Poland.

To live well!

Hotels of different comfort levels can be found not only in the Polish capital, but also in other cities and towns of the country. Among them there are ultra-modern hotels, including various health and entertainment complexes.

They are competing with very small hotels located in old houses, monuments of a particular era. Most of these places to stay are in historical centers - Krakow, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan.

Poland - a country-museum

If you look at the map of the location of Polish museums, you will notice that there is very little free space. Whichever place the tourist chooses for recreation, there is always an institution nearby that tells about the history of the area, the most important dates and events, representing the ancient inhabitants or works of art..

The most famous museums in Poland, according to polls of tourists, are Wieliczka, which tells about the development of the salt industry in Poland, Wawel, the royal castle, Racławice panorama in Wroclaw. Natural resources are exclusively represented in the Bialowieza National Park.


  • Tourism in Poland
  • Tourism in Poland
  • Tourism in Poland