Water parks in Bialystok - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Bialystok

Water parks in Bialystok

While vacationing in Bialystok, travelers are advised to visit the local water park, and in order to get a chance to have fun in it for free, it makes sense to stay at a hotel “Golebiewski”, in which he is located.

Water park in Bialystok

Aquapark “Tropikana” pleases visitors:

  • sports wave pool;
  • recreational pool;
  • 3 pools with hydromassage (magnesium-calcium, alkaline, mud) - immersion in them helps to improve blood circulation, relax on the psychological and physical level, relieve pain in muscles and joints;
  • a paddling pool for children (depth - no more than 40 cm) and a sandbox;
  • water slides, in particular, a slide “Bulb”;
  • beach volleyball courts;
  • sunbathing terrace on sun loungers;
  • saunas (1 steam room, 2 dry saunas; aromas of eucalyptus, spruce, alpine herbs are used);
  • snow-ice cave and salt grotto.

Non-hotel guests “Golebiewski” (since it has an aquarium with freshwater fish, those who wish can look at pike, roach, perch, crucian carp and other fish), pay entrance tickets according to the following tariffs (price for 1.5 hours): 4-12 year old children - 15, and adults - PLN 30 (if the time is exceeded, each subsequent 1.5 hours is subject to an additional payment of PLN 5 per person).

Water activities in Bialystok

Do you consider yourself a fan of active and ecological recreation? To find yourself in the lap of nature, you do not need to travel far - if you wish, you can admire the landscapes of Belovezhskaya Pushcha (walking in the park, guests can meet representatives of the local fauna) and explore the natural attractions of the Biebrza bog area.

Guests of Bialystok should be advised to go to the Narva National Park - here they will be offered not only to try out the paved cycling and hiking trails, but also to explore the reserve from the river - a must “travel” along it on a punt or kayak. And even more interesting is to go on a popular excursion called “Narvyan slalom” - those who wish will be offered to overcome 45 km by kayaks. And since Narva Park is famous for its rich fauna, here you can see mammals, beavers, otters, 22 species of fish, as well as birds..

A few more places that deserve the attention of travelers are the Hungarian People's Park (here you can relax, enjoying the crystal-clear lakes that are buried in greenery) and the Biebrza National Park (endless peat bogs are a habitat of waterbirds; entrance to the park costs 5 Polish PLN / adults and 3 PLN / children).


  • Water parks in Bialystok
  • Water parks in Bialystok
  • Water parks in Bialystok