Airport in Barnaul: scheme, photo. How to get to Barnaul airport

Airport in Barnaul

Airport in Barnaul

The airport in Barnaul named after the famous pilot-cosmonaut German Titov is located seventeen kilometers from the city center towards its western part, in the vicinity of the village of Mikhailovka. The main operator of the airport is OJSC «Altai Aviation Enterprise». As an administrative territory, the airport is considered part of the city of Barnaul. The international airport accepts and serves aircraft of any type from small AN-2 to wide body Boeing-767. Its annual capacity is more than three hundred thousand passengers, not counting postal and freight traffic. The airline provides air communication with the cities of Russia and the republics of the CIS. Charter flights to Turkey, Greece, Italy and other countries of Europe and South Asia, popular among Russian tourists, depart regularly from here..


The Barnaul airport was founded in October 1937. Then, in the newly formed capital of the Altai Territory, an aviation unit of PO-2 aircraft was created. And in 1967, the opening of a direct air link Barnaul-Moscow took place, the flight was carried out on the IL-18.
In 1995, the airport was assigned the status of international and since September 1997 the airline is transferred to the management of OJSC «Altai Aviation Enterprise». In May 2010, the Barnaul airport was named after the hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut German Stepanovich Titov.
At the moment, the structure of the airline includes a complex of technical structures, an air terminal, a runway with a length of 2850 meters, an aircraft refueling service.

Service and services

Like most Russian airports serving international traffic, the airport in Barnaul provides a full range of services for a comfortable flight of passengers. For recreation, a cozy hotel is provided on the territory of the airport, a mother and child room, a first-aid post, a cafe, a restaurant, several shops.
There is a currency exchange office, air ticket offices, information bureau, post office, internet cafe. A conference hall and a meeting room are equipped for VIP passengers.


The airport is located within the city limits, therefore regular buses No. 110 and No. 144 run from here. As well as minibuses and taxis. In addition, there is a regular bus service from the airport to the popular resorts of the Altai Territory. And for those who wish to continue their journey across Altai, the airline provides helicopters.

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  • Airport in Barnaul