Airport in Bryansk: scheme, photo. How to get to Bryansk airport

Airport in Bryansk

Airport in Bryansk

The international airport in Bryansk is located 5 km from the city center in the vicinity of the Oktyabrsky village. The runway of the airfield is 2.4 kilometers long. Since 1996, the airline has regularly carried out international air transportation. But by the beginning of 2000, all flights, except for charter flights to Turkey and Egypt, were terminated. In 2010, flights to Moscow resumed, but due to the high cost of tickets, the occupancy rate was low, so the air traffic did not improve..
In the near future, regular flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg are planned from the airport in Bryansk, a special economic program for the development of airport infrastructure has been developed.


In 1934, on the basis of a military airfield, founded in 1927, a civil airport in Bryansk was opened for maintenance and refueling of aircraft traveling from Moscow to Kiev.
In the early 90s, after reconstruction, in the village of Oktyabrskoye, the opening of the operating airport took place, which a year later received the status of an international one. And, since 1996, the airline has been carrying out regular international flights to countries popular among Russian tourists - Turkey, Egypt, Greece, China..
However, since 2000, all international flights (with the exception of Antalya and Hurghada) have been discontinued. Now regular flights remain to St. Petersburg - 3 times a week, and, starting from the end of April, charter flights to Thessaloniki and Antalya are carried out.
In the near future, it is planned to restore flights to Israel, Italy and Spain. The construction of a new terminal with the provision of a wide range of services and the ability to serve more than 1000 people per day is nearing completion.

Service and services

On the territory of the airport there is a post office with a fax, a service center for booking hotel places in the city, there is a waiting room, a room for mother and child, free access to wireless Internet. Free parking is provided in front of the terminal building.


City buses run regularly from the airport to the city on the routes Airport - Bryansk and Airport - Merkulevo2. The latter carries out only six flights a day, with a frequency of every two hours. A bus ticket costs 30 rubles. It is also possible to use a taxi service, which can be ordered while still in the air..

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