Airport in Khimki: scheme, photo. How to get to Sheremetyevo airport

Airport in Khimki

Airport in Khimki

In the city of Khimki there is one of the six airports in the capital of Russia - Sheremetyevo airport. In Russia, the airport ranks second in terms of passengers served per year, behind Domodedovo airport. In addition, the airport is included in the TOP-20 largest airports in Europe. About 30 million passengers are served here annually.
From Moscow, the airport is located in the northwest direction, about 12 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The main company based at the airport is Aeroflot, in addition, companies such as Lukoil-Avia, Premier-Avia, etc..
The airport in Khimki has 6 terminals, one of which is for business aviation, as well as a cargo terminal.
Terminal A
Terminal A is used exclusively for serving business passengers. Opened relatively recently, since 2012.
Terminal B
The oldest terminal, it was opened in 1964. The building is divided into 2 parts - the arrival area and the departure area. Not far from the terminal there is a boarding pavilion, due to the peculiarities of the structure, referred to as «glass».
Since June 2014, this terminal has been used by the budget company Dobrolet..
Terminal C
This terminal was opened in spring 2007. There are: 30 check-in counters, more than 30 passport control booths, an automatic baggage check and sorting system.
The terminal is also connected to a large parking lot for 1000 spaces..
Terminal D
Terminal D has been planned since 2001, and only 8 years later it was put into operation. Until 2012, it belonged to Aeroflot. Today the shareholders of the terminal are Aeroflot, VTB, Vnesheconombank and Sheremetyevo Airport..
Terminal E
Began to be used in 2010. Combines terminals D and F, as well as a railway station.
Terminal F
The terminal was built for the 1980 Olympics. Officially, the terminal received the letter order F only at the end of 2009 (previously Sheremetyevo-2). In the same year, the terminal underwent a number of changes in terms of services..


There are a number of hotels near the airport that are ready to provide comfortable rooms to their guests..
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room, divided into a play area and a recreation area.
In addition, in the terminals you can visit shops, including duty-free, cafes, restaurants, etc..
Separately, it is worth noting Terminal F, which houses a museum dedicated to the history of this airport..


You can get from the airport in Khimki to the city by buses, train, taxi or on your own.. 

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