Observation decks of Kazan. List of the best observation decks in Kazan

Kazan observation decks

Kazan observation decks

The capital of Tatarstan is the city of Kazan. It rightfully deserves to be on the list of one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and this is known not only by locals, but also by guests and tourists. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that those who want to admire the beauties of the city from «bird's eye view» always enough. And this desire can be realized by the best viewing platforms in Kazan. They open a panoramic view of the city of unique beauty, allow you to enjoy the panoramas of the city from different angles.

What observation platforms of Kazan are worth visiting?

Of course, the city has many high-rise sites and areas that allow you to visit «above the city» and see it from above. However, how can a beginner, who first came to this beautiful city, decide - where is it better to go? From which platform can he see all the beauties of the city? So, the most popular sites in Kazan with a brief description of their features:

  • Observation deck in the center of the family «Kazan». A magnificent panoramic view of the embankment, the Kazan Kremlin, attractions, as well as three districts of the city - Sovetsky, Moskovsky, Novo-Savinsky, and the Kazanka River opens up from here. The site is located in the wedding palace, built according to the original sketch in the form of a large cauldron (hence the name), at a height of 32 meters. The entrance costs 50 rubles (for children under 7 years old - admission is free), it works daily, but it is better to come on days when there are no solemn weddings (Monday - Thursday).
  • Observation deck of the Riviera hotel. The hotel itself is very popular among tourists, as there is a water park on its territory, which allows both adults and children to have a great free time. And on the 25th floor of the hotel there is the most popular Kazan observation deck among tourists, offering a gorgeous view of the Kazan Kremlin and other sights of the city. Photos here are simply gorgeous. The entrance is paid, the schedule of the site is not constant, it needs to be clarified.
  • Observation deck on the roof of the hotel «Kazan». It is located on the helipad and offers a stunning view of the central part of the city. Especially beautiful view in the evening, when the city is already shining with thousands of lights. If you come here with a large company, you can get an excursion accompanied by a guide, who, in parallel with an overview of the beautiful panoramas of the city, will talk about the sights of the city.

What is worth taking with you on an excursion to the observation decks of Kazan?

In order to fully enjoy a trip or a hike on an excursion to the observation decks of Kazan, you need to properly prepare for it. You should be comfortable and comfortable, and it is advisable to have everything you may need with you. This list should include:

  • comfortable shoes (especially if you have to go upstairs on foot);
  • clothing appropriate for the weather (remember that if this is an open observation deck, it can be windy and a little cooler there than in the city below);
  • a guidebook (if you are new to the city and you are driving yourself, without being accompanied by local residents who know the way to the objects);
  • a photo camera and a video camera, they will allow you to capture all the beauty you see;
  • money (pay for the entrance to the observation deck, buy a snack or drink, sit in a cozy cafe, which may be on the site, etc.).


  • Kazan observation decks
  • Kazan observation decks
  • Kazan observation decks