Observation decks of Saratov. List of the best observation decks in Saratov

Saratov observation decks

Saratov observation decks

Visiting the observation decks of Saratov, guests will see the parks and squares from a different perspective (“Sticky”, Square of the first teacher), temple “Soothe my sorrows” (its highlight is the presence of a large tent, which is surrounded by variegated small chapters) and other interesting architectural monuments and objects of the city.

Observation deck of the monument “Cranes”

The height of the monument, erected at an altitude of 160 m above sea level, with a flock of 12 stylized cranes placed on it (they are a symbol of the souls of the dead soldiers) is 40 m. fighting. This will take you to a round observation deck surrounded by a fence: amazing views of Saratov open up from here - visitors will see the domes of churches, the bridge, the city center.

In addition, visitors to the park, where one of the best viewpoints is located, will be able to:

  • see the residential buildings of the peoples living on the Saratov land, in “National village”;
  • look into the Museum of Glory (there are about 180 exhibits - military awards, personal belongings of soldiers, letters from the front, etc.);
  • see aircraft, cannons, tanks, agricultural machinery located in the shade of the park.

How to get there? You can get to your destination by buses No. 1, 34, 17 or fixed-route taxis No. 94, 72, 52, 95 (address: Victory Park, Sokolovaya Gora).

Observation deck at the airport

Its visitors will be able to admire the views of the Intercession Church, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, a monument “Cranes” and other objects.

How to get there? You can get to the airport by fixed-route taxis No. 65, 89, 31, 13, 45 or bus No. 90.

A restaurant “Panorama”

In addition to live music, a pleasant atmosphere and a rich selection of dishes (Russian, Caucasian, European, author's cuisine), guests will have a panoramic view here, which can be contemplated while sitting at a table (most of the tables are installed by the windows). Address: Aeroport street, 5a.

The observation deck of the Saratov bridge

Using the bridge across the Volga, connecting the cities of Saratov and Engels, as a viewing platform, guests of the city will be able to admire the opening views of such sights as the tower “Elena”, River station, Cosmonauts embankment, city beach. Address: Sokolovaya street.

Ferris wheel in the City Park

Having decided to take a circular view at a local attraction, visitors will pay 100-130 rubles for a ticket. In addition, guests of the park will be able to meet squirrels and waterfowl and even a bear living in a special enclosure. Address: Chernyshevsky street 81/83.

Another opportunity to see the beauty of Saratov is to go to the Smirnovskoe gorge (forest park “Kumis glade”), on the slopes of which you can find good panoramic points.


  • Saratov observation decks
  • Saratov observation decks
  • Saratov observation decks